Samsung NX500 vs. Canon EOS 70D

Samsung NX500 vs. Canon EOS 70D  1

We have done specification comparison review of the Samsung NX500 and the Canon 70D camera, the most important thing we should note that Samsung is completely new player in the filed of professional digital photography…but before we began  I must tell you the NX500 entry level specification will going to bow up the Canon 70D DSLR camera far away…

Major Difference

Samsung NX500 vs. Canon EOS 70D Specification Comparison Table.

Samsung NX500 vs. Canon EOS 70D  3

Megapixel:  The Samsung NX 500 features more resolution compared to Canon EOS 70D, so you will get large printouts with good quality compare to Canon EOS 70D .

Sensor Size: – The sensor size of Samsung NX 500 is a bit larger than Canon EOS 70D, but the small difference will also put an affect .Since the larger sensor of Samsung NX 500 can help to capture better quality of images and it is also better for isolating a object in focus while having the rest of the image blurred.

A large 28.2MP BSI APS-C CMOS sensor of Samsung NX 500 works with the DRIMe image processor to produce high-resolution digital imagery while maintaining good shadow details and enhancing low-light performance throughout the camera’s 100 to 51200 range.

Image Processor:-The more advanced image processor reduces the noise production and also sharpens the image .In this regard DRIMe 5 looks more superior compare to Canon Digic 5+ since the Samsung image processor can process large files of 28MP @ 9 frame/sec on the other hand Canon is limited to 20.2MP @7fps.

AF Points: – The Samsung NX 500 has gained 209 AF Points comparative to Canon EOS 70D, which only satisfied on only 19 points. So the large number of AF Points of the Samsung NX 500 increase the chance to find out and focus on real subject comparative to Canon EOS 70D . Due to higher AF points the Samsung NX 500 is suitable for sports action videos.

ISO:- The Samsung NX 500 has much better ISO rating than Canon EOS 70D ,so Samsung NX 500 will even produce a correctly image in less light because the higher ISO makes the image sensor more sensitive .

Shutter Speed: – The Canon EOS 70D has faster shutter speed so it can help to freeze action completely compare to the slow shutter speed of Samsung NX 500.

Samsung NX500 vs. Canon EOS 70D 2

Top Continuous Shooting Speed: – The Samsung NX 500 features fast shooting speed compared to Canon EOS 70D. Top continuous shooting speed of Samsung NX 500 at 9fps is great for catching action shots comparative to Canon EOS 70D and hence the users can shoot in continuous mode with it .

Video mode:– The Samsung NX 500 features best 4K display compare to the lowest FHD display of Canon EOS 70D .

Wi – Fi: – The file saved on a memory card within the Samsung NX 500 can be downloaded off the camera wirelessly. Its NFC capability not only allows individual files to be transferred to a smartphone or tablet with one tap but also allows you to connect your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to shoot images and 4K videos wirelessly. Large groups of images may be transferred using 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

But Canon EOS 70D features built-in wirleless connectivity without NFC ,so its Integrated Wi-Fi provides limited functionality.

Battery life:-The battery life of Canon EOS 70D is superior to the Samsung NX 500.


High ISO Test Between Samsung NX500 vs. Canon EOS 70D

Samsung NX500 vs. Canon EOS 70D 5Image analysis – We can clearly see that the Samsung NX500 is producing clear and sharp images compared to Canon 70D. But based on core specification comparison we highly recommend you to buy the NX500 camera.

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