Samsung NX30 vs. Sony A77II

Samsung NX30 is a high-end mirrorless camera that features 20 Megapixel APS-C sensor and Sony A77 II is a SLT system camera that has bit high resolution 24 Megapixel sensor, take a look at the detailed specification review below…Samsung NX 30 vs. Sony a77II 1


Major Difference Samsung NX 30 vs. Sony a77II Specification Comparison Table. Samsung NX 30 vs. Sony a77II  3 Megapixel: Sony a77II features more megapixel than Samsung NX 20.

AF System: AF Point: Sony a77II features better AF point compared to Samsung NX 30, the Sony A77 II has HYBRID Af system on the other hand the Samsung NX30 have contrast based AF system.

Top Continuous Shooting Speed: Sony a77II features fast shooting speed than Samsung NX30.

Samsung NX 30 vs. Sony a77II 2

Dimensions: Samsung NX 30 is smaller than Sony a77II

Weight: Samsung NX 30 lightweight than Sony a77II.

High ISO Test Between Samsung NX 30 vs. Sony a77II  Samsung NX 30 vs. Sony a77II 5

Price Samsung NX30 Sony a77II
Dollar $847.00 $1,798.00

Verdict: Based on specification comparison and price we recommend you to buy Samsung NX30 but if you are a sports shooter we recommend you to buy Sony A77 II.

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