Samsung NX1 vs. Sony a77 II

The SamsungnX1 flagship camera just announced few days ago with a massive 28 megapixel resolution take a look how it stands in front of the Sony A77 II camera

Samsung NX1 vs. Sony a77II 1Major Difference

Samsung NX1 vs. Sony a77II Specification Comparison Table.

Samsung NX1 vs. Sony a77II  3

Samsung NX1 Sony a77II
$2,799.00 $1,946.00

Megapixel:  Samsung NX1 features 28.2 megapixel sensors, on the other hand Sony a77II it is limited to 24.3 megapixels, so resolution wise Samsung NX1 is much better.

More AF Points: Samsung NX1 Fast Hybrid AF system uses both a 205-point phase-detection system and 209-point contrast-detection system other hand Sony a77II is limited to 79 AF points; hence Samsung NX1 will do more quick and precise AF than Sony a77II.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Samsung NX1 captures fast shooting speed (15 vs. 12fps) compared to Sony a77II.

Samsung NX1 Video Mode: Samsung NX1 features 4k video recording @ 30fps frame rate. Full HD video recoding@60 and 50fps.

Supported formats Samsung NX1 supports mp4 (internet friendly) recording format only.

Sony a77II Video Mode: Sony a77II features full HD video recording @ 60 and 34 fps frame rate.

Supported formats Sony a77II Full HD videos are recorded using the high-quality AVCHD codec, supported in the Internet-friendly MP4 format.

Samsung NX1 vs. Sony a77II  2

Display:  Samsung NX 1 comes with a bigger 3” Tilting and touch screen LCD Monitor on the other hand Sony a77II have Swivel display with 1,228,800 Screen dots, so we get more flexibility while composing our shot with Samsung NX1.

Dimensions: Samsung NX1 is smaller than Sony a77II.

Weight: Samsung NX1 light-weight than Sony a77II.

Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity with NFC supported in both camera.

Verdict: Based on specification comparison review we highly recommend you to go with Samsung NX1 camera, since Samsung gives you more megapixel, advance AF system and a option to record 4K video from your mirrorless camera.

Samsung NX1 at Amazon || Sony a77II at Amazon

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