Reviews of the New Sony A7II camera


Here’s the post where you can know what the photoblographers speak about the New A7II camera.And you’ll also find the comparison between the two cameras Sony A7 II vs. Sony A6000 done by Admiringlight.

Here’s the two reviews:


While current Sony A7 owners may be groaning because of the quick refresh to their brand new camera, they can rest assured that the A7 Mk II is really nothing more than a further attempt to snatch up the professional market. This is evident in the small changes. As a current A7 owner though, I won’t be upgrading. I don’t really need image stabilization because I’m a very steady shooter and the autofocus performance of the A7 hasn’t made me scream when shooting–that’s a prize that is awarded to the A7r.
We applaud Sony for their innovation, but we believe that they should time their releases a bit better.

Sony A7 II vs. Sony A6000 – Landscape Use by Admiringlight:

I do think it’s clear that, for landscape use at least, the differences between full-frame and APS-C are not quite as big as is often made out to be. On the flip side, this test doesn’t take into account the other benefits of moving to a full-frame sensor: better noise control and better subject isolation with fast lenses, and the A7 II definitely does still have an advantage in image quality here. It’s just rather small.

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