Pentax Q-S1 vs. Nikon 1 S2

The Pentax Q-S1 features tiny 12.4MP 1/1.7″ Backlit CMOS Sensor on the other hand we have Nikon S2 that features 1″ 14.2MP sensor, so we have no doubt that you will get better image quality from Nikon S2

Pentax Q-S1 vs. Nikon 1 S2 1

Major Difference

Pentax Q-S1 vs. Nikon 1 S2 Specification Comparison Table.

Pentax Q-S1 vs. Nikon 1 S2 3

Megapixel:  Nikon 1 S2 has more resolution than Pentax Q-S1, but having more resolution will not improve the image quality.

Bigger Sensor Size:  Nikon 1 S2 have bit bigger sensor size compared to Olympus Pentax Q-S1, bigger sensors have more light gathering area hence you get better low-light performance, more color depth and increased dynamic range.

AF System:  The Nikon S2 uses phase + contrast based system (Hybrid AF system), a total number of 171 AF points is utilized while acquiring AF.

More AF Points:  Both camera feature same contrast based AF system but we get more AF points with Nikon 1 S2 compared to Pentax Q-S1.

Better low light performance – The Pentax Q-S1 ISO range is limited to 100-12800, the base ISO starts at 100 will allow making ISO 3200 or 6400 much cleaner compared to those camera whose ISO rating starts from ISO 200.

Better Shutter Range: Nikon 1 S2 features better shutter range compared to Pentax Q-S1Fast shutter range will help you to capture amazing action shots.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Nikon 1S2 captures 20fps continuous shooting speed with AF and at full resolution, the Pentax Q-S1 is limited to 1.5fps shooting speed only.

Pentax Q-S1 vs. Nikon 1 S2 3

Pentax Q-S1 Video Mode: Pentax Q-S1 features full HD video recording @ 60 and 30 fps frame rate. HD video recording @ 60 fps and 30 fps.

Supported formats MOV, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Additionally, HD 720p and SD 480p formats are also supported.

Video Mode: Nikon 1 S2 features full HD video recording @ 60 fps frame rate. HD video recording @ 60 fps.

Supported formats Nikon 1 S2 MOV, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264.

Battery Life (CIPA): Nikon 1 S2 battery rating is 270 shots and other hand Pentax Q-S1 battery rating is 250 shots. According to CIPA.

Dimensions: Nikon 1 S2 is smaller than Pentax Q-S1.

Weight: Pentax Q-S1 light-weight than Nikon 1 S2.

 Verdict: The Nikon S2 features large 1″ sensor and advance Phase + Contrast based AF system, we highly recommend you to go with Nikon S2…

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