Pentax K80 is expected to be announced in Q2, 2018?

In terms of durability and optics, Pentax-K70 is very wonderful APS-C camera, which is compact and lightweight along with all weather-resistance body. You should know that Pentax K70 was announced back in June, 2016, means very near to complete two years so it looks like Ricoh must have focused to work on its successor also.

Pentax K-70 has been doing very well in the photography, but with the passing time technologies get advanced and that is why every photographer want to see his/her camera with the latest optics. Right?

Pentax K-3 III to arrive in September, 2018?

At the moment, we can’t tell you the exact name of the successor for Pentax -K70. It may be coming with some other name or follow the sequence and could be called Pentax K-80 later.

However, based on our analysis we have speculated its possible specifications. Let’s see…


Resolution in Pentax K70 looks standard and we hope Ricoh won’t change the Figure of effective resolution. It would be remained same. Since a camera with APS-C sensor and 24 MP of effective resolution can snap numbers of high resolution images and users can also get the large print of the subjects.

Image processor

Prime III or Prime IV? Highly speculated to be announced in 2018 that also may be in the end of Q2, 2018. Pentax K70 employs PRIME MII Image Processor and the next version camera is expected to get Prime IV to enhance overall operability along with lowlight performance. Also, the same as Pentax K70, the successor will also have no low pass filter means allow the camera to grab more detail of the subjects even in the lowlight.


We won’t think of 4K since it is beginner camera Full-HD at 60 fps is immensely suitable. Isn’t it? Same as K70, its successor can record 1080p at 60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, and 24p. For making time-lapse sequences the K70 adds 4K Interval Recording. So this feature is also expected to be implemented in that upcoming camera.

AF points

The AF system will be same SAFOX X module, but we could see its increment in AF points. The Current K70 utilizes 11 distinct phase-detection points, including 9 cross-type sensors wider AF coverage. Meanwhile, K80 or K70’s successor may exceed its AF points to 27 so the camera can quickly and accurately acquire focus on subjects in a variety of lighting conditions.


204800 is more than enough and if the successor to K70 gets even one stop more then it touches to 409600 equals Sony A7S II. However, we don’t think K70 would see any requirement of such an insane ISO range in entry-level DSLRs. So we do expect the upcoming K80 would have the same classic 204800 ISO.

Image stabilization

We are expecting the upcoming K80 will also engineer sensitivity gyro sensor, in-camera sensor-shift type Shake Reduction (SR) that wonderfully reduces camera shakes and allows the camera to grab detail images, means the effect of camera doesn’t let the images to be blurred.

Here, we would expect In built image stabilization with improved mechanism.

Weather resistant

Of course, K70 is great weather resistant camera. And the successor to K70 must have the Dustproof, weather-resistant body that perfect for rugged outdoor photography.

Pentax K70′ successor is discussed nowhere in the forums and rumor mills. But the camera is due to an update and very likely to be in 2018.

Share your though with us if you love to see the successor to Pentax K70 in 2018.

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