Pentax K3 II vs. Sony a77II

Pentax K3 II vs. Sony a77II  1

Are you from those who are very eager to know more about Sony and Pentax camera then here we’ve brought the two cameras Pentax K3 II and Sony a77II along with their core specifications where you would have a great chance to get more ideas about the two cameras

 Major Difference

Pentax K3 II vs. Sony a77II Specification Comparison Table.

Pentax K3 II vs. Sony a77II 3    

.Sensor: Both camera features same sensor size and resolution

Low pass filter- Pentax K3 II didn’t try to make any mistake by adding low pass filter because they know the absent of low pass filter will let this camera to work more effectively to deliver the great details of the images with maximum sharpness and resolution but however the availability of low pass filter in Sony a77II will able to eliminate the issue of moire but will fail in grabbing the details of the images.

AF- Sony a77II featured SLT technology in which we’ve fixed mirror inside the camera and due to which the AF module is always active either shooting for still and videos but the down side of the SLT technology is the fixed translucent mirror to acquire upto 10% of light falling within the sensor that is responsible for reduction of noise under low light situation and this system is a bit more better than that of the Dual pixel CMOS sensor of the Pentax K3 II.

AF points- No problem will arise during Subject tracking by using Sony a77II because of  valuable 79 AF point array that is mixed up with  15 centrally-located cross-type points to provide you more accurate images within the frame while 27 the only points of AF in Pentax K3 II.

Shooting speed- Shooting speed of Sony a77II is 12 fps is that is much required to capture fast actions of the subjects whereas Pentax K3 II has only 8.3 secs.

Pentax K3 II vs. Sony a77II  2

Display-  The 3.0″ 1,228k-dot LCD screen of Sony a77II features a three-way tilting design will give you an expensive working from both low and high level angles and the incorporation of also WhiteMagic technology for easier viewing in bright conditions.

Viewfinder- The large optical pentaprism viewfinder helped this camera in allowing bright, eye-level viewing with 100% frame coverage that is more advanced than using EVF of Sony a77II.

WIFI- Instant sharing of images becomes effortless due to built in wifi in Sony a77II  and NFC will give you a tap connect to your device with other devices.

Battery- You could go for 720 shots at a time if you use Pentax Pentax K3 II but there is only 480 shots you can take with the help of Sony a77II.

High ISO Test Between Pentax K3 II vs. Sony a77II

Pentax K3 II vs. Sony a77II

Verdict- If you need advance AF system and sharing features you may go with the Sony A77 II and if you need better image quality and mode details we recommend you to buy Pentax K-3II.

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