Pentax K-3 III to arrive in September, 2018?

Pentax K-3 II

The stage is yet to be set for Pentax K-3 III and if not in the beginning of 2018 then looks the Photokina in September, 2018 could be the ideal place for its announcement. If you know then the current Pentax K-3 II is the  flagship APS-C DSLR camera announced by Ricoh in 2015. Means two years have passed and now the camera needs a desperate update. Well, in this article we would write “What could we expect from this camera?” we would write about the expected specifications this upcoming Pentax APS-C camera could implement.

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Now come to the point…


Somewhere it looks like Pentax K-3 III would have the same 24.35 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor as of its predecessor. Because it is pretty enough and a resolution with good figure that can capture sharp images with rich detail. But one minor change we could see in the resolution. We would love to see AA filter-less 24.35 MP Hybrid APS-C CMOS Sensor that equally helps the camera in both Live view and video shooting.

Image processor

Prime IV must be the image processor for Pentax K-3 III since improvement must be appreciated. The prime IV image processor will help the camera to give better lwolight performance with faster operation.


Full HD video in the current time cameras don’t look commercially good. Even the entry-level shooters want their camera with 4K. A camera fails to score well if it hasn’t 4K video feature. Pentax K-3 II is Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps. But its successor will be announced in 2018 when almost all the newly announced High-end APS-C camera would with 4K then “Why would Pentax K-3 III not?”

AF system

Though we have no idea on the AF system it could have. Its predecessor K3-II features SAFOX11 27-Point AF, 25 Cross Sensors. But we do greatly expect an improved AF system over its predecessor. It may feature 45 AF POINTS or have some other figure.


Unlike its predecessor, we are speculating that Pentax K-3 III would keep the extended ISO of 204800. Reason is that the Pentax K-70 was released back in 2016, means after a year of Pentax K-3 II and it features maximum ISO of 204800. So this ISO figure looks relevant.

86k-Pixel RGB Exposure Metering

Same as K-3 II, the 86k-pixel RGB sensor also in K-3 III helps to ensure accurate and consistent exposure metering with a range of -3 to +20 EV.

Wireless Connectivity

Same as K-3 II, the new model would also come with a built-in GPS module and electronic compass. The K-3 II features a unique AstroTracer function to better enable making long exposures of the nighttime sky. And we do expect the same in it next version.

Image Stabilization

Though it is well known that Pentax has some really good cameras with shake reduction mechanism. Its Pentax K-3 II is also engineered with high sensitivity gyro sensor, in-camera sensor-shift type Shake Reduction (SR) that woderfully reduces camera shakes and allows the camera to grab detail images, means the effect of camera doesn’t let the images to be blurred.

Here, we would expect In built image stabilization with improved mechanism.

However, there is no solid information we have on the Upcoming Pentax APS-C DSLR camera but we do expect its rumor to saunter from the beginning of the new year.

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