Panasonic GH5s rumored to have the asking price of $2500

The price information of the rumored Panasonic GH5s has been leaked. According to the recent information, the upcoming GH5s is rumored to have the suggested price of around $2500. Means, in terms of price, it goes past its elder sibling Panasonic GH5. By the way, once again we repeat that Panasonic GH5s would be a lowlight camera identical to Highly Popular Sony A7S II.

It wouldn’t have the 20 MP MFT sensor as of GH5. Instead it could feature something between 12 to 16 MP sensor.

Have a look at the rumored specifications of upcoming Panasonic GH5s!

  • The Panasonic GH5s will be designed for low light performance similar to the Sony A7SII
  • The camera will have fewer megapixels and bigger pixels pitch compared to the 20.3MP Panasonic GH5 and it may use a 12MP or a 16MP sensor as 43addict suggested
  • State of the art video functions
  • Improved low light performance
  • The new camera is expected to start shipping at the end of February
  • The body design is expected to be similar to the GH5
  • Still not 100% sure if the actual name will be GH5s
  • Price: around $2,500

Panasonic GH5s First Leaked Image


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