Panasonic GH5 vs. Sony A7R II

Panasonic GH5 vs Sony A7R II

Panasonic GH5 vs Sony A7R II

The specifications carried out by Panasonic GH5 are not ordinary… these are just incredible! But it can’t emulate Sony A7R II neither in AF system nor in image quality. However, GH5 beats Sony A7R II in video section. Sony A7R II is one of the best Mirrorless cameras available around that also outperforms different DSLRs and other mirrorless cameras in its range. You can see from the table Sony A7R II employs more resolution (42 mp), bigger sensor size (Full Frame) compared to Panasonic GH5, plus the advanced AF system taking everyone’s attention, immediately. Let’s go to detailed specifications comparison to see exact difference…

Features / Models

Panasonic GH5

Sony A7R II

Megapixel 20 megapixels 42.3 megapixels
Sensor size / type Four Thirds (17.3 x 13 mm) Full frame (36 x 24 mm)
Image processor
Venus Engine Bionz X
Low pass filter No No
Image stabilization 5-Axis  Sensor-shift/5-axis
AF System Contrast detect sensor Contrast detect+Phase detect
AF points 225 points 399+25
ISO 100-25600  50-102400
Shutter Min/Max 60sec 1/16000 sec 1/8000 to 30 sec
Top Continuous Shooting Speed 12fps 5fps
Video 4k @60fps 4K @ 30 fps
Display 3.2″ 1.62m-Dot Free-Angle Touchscreen 3″ Rear Screen Tilting  LCD (1,228,800)
Hot-shoe Yes yes
Battery Life (CIPA) 410 shots 290 shots
Wireless connectivity Built-In Built-In
weather sealed Yes Yes
Dimensions  139 x 98 x 87 mm 127 x 96 x 60 mm
Weight 725 g 625g
Price $1,997.99 $2,898.00

Image quality

You can call Sony A7R II a monster that produces cutting sharp and crystal clear images since it employs 42MP resolution and Full-Frame sensor. Sony A7R II implements 42.4 MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor, which combines gapless on-chip lens design and AR (anti-reflective) on the surface of the sensor that ultimately increases the ability to capture enormous light. As a result, high sensitivity with low-noise performance and wide dynamic range will be surely achieved. And taking the advantage of this phenomenon the A7R ii can shoot at an impressive ISO range of 100 to 25600 that is expandable to ISO 50 to 1024002. Well, Why Panasonic GH5 is looking slim down? First thing GH5 uses M4/3 sensors, which is comparatively smaller than Full frame of Sony A7R II and offers only 20 MP resolution (22 MP lesser than A7R II), which clearly indicates that we can notice real difference in the image quality. Panasonic GH5 might not be able to give you the sharpness in the images that Sony A7R II can do, plus you just can’t able to get large prints as A7R II.

Sometimes the camera having no low pass filter increases the chances of Moiré, however, this low pass filter helps dramatically to capture much more details of the subjects. Luckily, both the two cameras have no low pass filter.

AF system

Sony A7R II has epic AF system, which is unmatched to Panasonic GH5 and must thank to A7R II that offers an advanced image sensor and AF algorithm. We can see that Sony A7R II employs the Fast Hybrid AF system (Contrast + Phase) that delivers far superior AF coverage, speed and tracking performance. Moreover, A7R II offers comprehensive AF coverage that offers creative 399 focal-plane phase-detection AF points – that work together with 25 contrast AF points, allowing camera to achieve super fast focus response.

Now, take a look to the AF system of Panasonic GH5 — Honestly, GH5 is best in the Micro Four Thirds range, but it looks like A7R II is the unassailable challenger for GH5 standing in front, looking by the incredible AF system. However, Panasonic GH5 comes with a Depth from Defocus and Contrast AF technology that works together with contrast AF technology that comprehensively calculates the distance of the subjects and analyze as per form, size and even motion of the subjects. The image sensor inside the core of GH5 features distinctive 225 AF points, allowing the users to choose focus areas as per the specific composition required and with the help of joystick located on the thumb position, they can control it easily.

As we are moving further Panasonic added some marvelous features to GH5 including Post Focus Function, which is highly beneficial for macro shooting. Next feature is Focus stacking Function enables users to take multiple images of the same frame with different focus points then you can combine them into one image with the defocus as you like.


If you want to get more lowlight flexibility then Sony A7R II offers expandable ISO range of 102400, plus this camera is backed up with 42.4 MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor that fairly helps the users to snap much clear images with minimum noise without degrading details. On the other hand, Panasonic GH5 uses highest Expandable ISO of 25600, mayn’t be so effective in lowlight shooting.

Shutter Speed

The big advantage of faster shutter speed is that it allows the users to shoot wide open at bright light. Moreover, the camera with faster shutter speed comfortably captures fast moving subjects. Here, in this comparison, you can see that GH5 avails faster shutter speed of 1/16000 sec, whereas the A7R II users have to rely on 1/8000 sec only.

Continuous shooting speed

Sports photographers must be happy seeing GH5 burst speed that is 12fps. Yes! With the help of 12 fps, sports photographers can take advantage of every single frame to seize the subject and capture stunning sports photos. On the other side, A7R II offers 5fps only.


GH5 offers 3480 x 2160p@ 60fps (4K) with no time limit, which is simply incredible! Panasonic GH5 also offers 4096 x 2160p @24fps making it the top rating camera for the cinema photographers. On the other hand, Sony A7R II offers 3840 x 2160p@ 30FPS (with time limit). Moreover, Panasonic also added extra video features in the line to give the professional shooters never before experience.


Panasonic GH5 also offers 410 shots at a time, whereas Sony A7R II offers 280 shots at a time only.


Sony A7R II features 2X sensor size and wide coverage of AF points (399) that covers your entire frame while shooting a subject. Hence you won’t miss AF in any single frame. Panasonic GH5, on the other side, coming with smaller sensoe and limited ISO range. So, if you care about image quality we recommend you to buy Sony A7R II

Panasonic GH5, can shoot 12fps with full time AF support, whereas Sony A7R II remains limited to 5FPS in full resolution. The other big downside of A7R II that it doesn’t have 4K@60fps as of GH5. One more thing you should know that the DFD system allows GH5 to lock down AF in 0.05 sec, which is almost same as A7R II. So overall, you are getting 7 extra frames per second, which is a big difference as well as better video mode (if you believe the future Firmware as Panasonic). For Sports shooters and Cinematographers GH5 is a must have tool.

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