Panasonic GH5 Specification Comparisons, Best lenses, Memory cards and more

Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5 is getting a lot appreciations from the photographers worldwide (mostly by professional photographers) since the best part of the camera is it 4K video recording capability @60fps with no time limit. Moreover, it also offers you tack sharp stills and blazing fast AF performance.

In this page, you will find its specifications comparisons with all its possible competitors available around then we also have put our efforts to help the users to find out the best lenses for outstanding Panasonic GH5. A lot of users may also search the memory cards option for GH5… we also recommended the suitable memory cards as well for those users.

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Cameras Comparisons

Verdict– The Panasonic GH5 camera is the best mirrorless consumer cinema camera ever made that captures 4K video by doing full-pixels readout @60fps and you can also capture some decent still shots from 20MP 4/3 sensors, whereas Sony A6500 is affordable and features a hybrid Phase detect AF sensor with 425 phase AF points and not only that sensor is also larger (APS-C) than the GH5 (4/3). Hence for still shooters we still recommend Sony A6500, whereas if you are into Photography as well as cinematography then for a complete package you may go with Panasonic GH5

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Verdict- Everything is crystal-clear since Panasonic GH5 has the best image quality, best AF performance, A grade Image stabilization, shutter speed and the most favorite 4K video formats. Hence, the camera will be a nice upgrade for the users who were desperately looking out for remarkable mirrorless camera with excellent specifications, plus the camera also executed the wishes of many photographers.  Go for Panasonic GH5!

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Canon 7D Mark II

Verdict- Both have completely different cameras with different approaches and field of photography… 7D Mark II is a DSLR with many high qualities L-series lenses available as a choice for the photographers, whereas Gh5 is a mirorless camera that can also use M4/3 sensor, but Photo enthusiasts and professional videographers looking to capture shots in 4K 60p/50p video and 6K PHOTO at the same time… don’t look further than Panasonic GH5. Canon 7D mark II is still recommended for the still shooters.

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Verdict- Undoubtedly the Nikon D500 is a ultimate shooting machine  for any professional photographer but it can’t compete with the video quality offered by the Panasonic GH5. Our Recommendation is very clear, get GH5 if you are a cinematographer and D500 if dedicated for still shooter.

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Verdict- Based on the features comparisons the biggest advantage of 5D Mark IV we noticed is a 2X sensor size compared to GH5 camera as well as you also get 10 MP more resolution for larger prints. But, the video enthusiasts and the sports shooters we recommend Panasonic GH5.

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Verdict-The Panasonic GH5 is a ultra advance camera that features state of the art technology inside it. The Panasonic GH5 features advance AF, better Video mode.. .BUT the sensor pixel area of the Fuji is more then GH5 and the ISO sensitivity is one stop more than the GH5. So if you are expecting a better image quality machine with improved low light performance then X-T2 comes first the the row otherwise Panasonic GH5 is a marvelous device for Sports and Video.

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Verdict- Sony A7R II features 2X sensor size and wide coverage of AF points (399) that covers your entire frame while shooting a subject. Hence you won’t miss AF in any single frame. Panasonic GH5, on the other side, coming with smaller sensoe and limited ISO range. So, if you care about image quality we recommend you to buy Sony A7R II

Panasonic GH5, can shoot 12fps with full time AF support, whereas Sony A7R II remains limited to 5FPS in full resolution. The other big downside of A7R II that it doesn’t have 4K@60fps as of GH5. One more thing you should know that the DFD system allows GH5 to lock down AF in 0.05 sec, which is almost same as A7R II. So overall, you are getting 7 extra frames per second, which is a big difference as well as better video mode (if you believe the future Firmware as Panasonic). For Sports shooters and Cinematographers GH5 is a must have tool.

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 Verdict– Panasonic GH5 is just outstanding camera that can show you groundbreaking performance with its extraordinary specifications. And we must recommend you this camera to the photographers who have been desperately searching a camera for cinema purposes. Its AF system, shutter speed, the camera has built in I.S and more are simply the best. On the other side, Nikon D750 is still the great camera for the photographers whose basic preference is image quality.

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Sony A99 II

Verdict– Panasonic GH5 is no doubt one of the best video cameras in all groups (M4/3, DSLRs/ Mirrorless cameras), Plus it also offers faster AF system that emulates Sony A99 II camera. However, Sony A99 II has trademark AF system that maybe the best in SLT series cameras plus the camera also offers 4K videos at 30fps upto a limited time.

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Verdict- Obviously, we must recommend Panasonic GH5 to all the photographers whose prime motive is to get superfine video or cinema cameras along with extraordinary specifications. The one whose primary purpose is image quality should pick Canon 80D DSLR  camera.

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Panasonic GH5 best lenses and

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