Panasonic GH5, LX15 and G8X is coming at Photokina


Until now, we have read a lot of rumors related to Panasonic Upcoming products and basically about the products which are sure to be announced at Photokina 2016. Fans and users of Panasonic look desperate to know the name of the cameras that Panasonic will bring to introduce publicly at Photokina and they are  also very keen to know if there will be any camera that they have been wishing for long time. So, let us tell you the name of the Panasonic cameras which have high possibilities to be announced at Photokina.

And the first name begin with…

Panasonic GH5- The early rumors once suggested that this Panasonic would come with 16Mp sensor, but begin with this rumor it finally ended with 20MP sensor. And now it’s confirmed that this Panasonic will carry 20MP 4/3 Sensor during its announcement. As we move further, the second big thing strikes us about this GH5 camera is that it is going to be the world’s first camera to offer 6K video capability (6144 x 3160) limited to photo-mode.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5Until now, all the cameras offered only 4K video capability, which means that Panasonic is giving their users a complete brand new experience in the video department like never before in any other camera. So far, the rumored specs of Panasonic GH5 are: it will sport 20mp, 4k 4:2:2 10bit…, Dual SD slots… no crop 4k…., 4k photo stills 60fps, 6k 30fps… and ISO 1 stop better than its previous model Panasonic GH4 (now discontinued).

Panasonic LX15

Panasonic-LUMIX-DMC-LX100Before we begin our talk, let us tell you first that this LX15 is not the successor of Panasonic LX7, it will replace current Panasonic LX100. Sounds harsh? But yes, according the recent rumor trending over the web this LX15 will be the successor of LX100 and probably would be announced at Photokina on September 19th.

Panasonic G8X

Panasonic-G8XThis will be an Entry-level mirrorless camera from Panasonic, however, its announcement got delayed due to sensor delivery issues, but according to the rumors floating over web the camera has fair chance to be announced on September 19th at the stage of Photokina. So far, we have no specification information in our hand, but as soon as we get any information we will pass it on.

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