Panasonic FZ80 vs.FZ70 – First ISO Test

Panasonic FZ80

Giving credit to the tireless efforts by Panasonic that makes possible to implement monster 60X optical zoom in 4K capabilities, Panasonic FZ80, including 4K Photo and post focus system as well. This versatile Lumix series’ camera was announced nearly a month ago with extraordinary specifications that has also been upgraded excellently. Now we are going to show you first ISO test of this astonishing compact camera, FZ80 so that you can get a clear result of the camera whether it is practically excellent or not in the lowlight situation?

At Base ISO

Even at the base ISO,  the image captured by FZ70 shows color bleeding issue on the side of the wine bottle, but FZ80 captures the original color without any issue … Means color bleeding is almost invisible that is capable to produce more detailed images compared to FZ70.

At ISO 1600

You can look at the image captured by FZ80 at ISO level of 1600 … The amount of noise are comparatively lower than its sibling, Panasonic FZ70. In other words, FZ80 is able to capture details of the subjects even when the light is not adequate, and moreover, it still maintains the consistency and nicely reproduce the image by controlling the visibility of color bleeding in the image. On the other hand, FZ70 disappoints us that produces noise and we can also see the increment in color bleeding on the image.

From the test above, we can clearly see the FZ80 is a clear winner and carry new sensor compared to FZ70.

Source: Imagingresource

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