Panasonic AF100/101 Succesor Coming at NAB 2015.

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Panasonic is ready to add a new member to its Micro Four Thirds camcorder family. It is supposed that the new camcorder will be launched at NAB 2015. The new member to the Micro Four Thirds camcorder family will be an advanced replacement to the current AG-AF100/101. We are pretty sure that the new camcorder will support 4K recording while other specs and features are still unknown.

Source: 43rumors

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  • Alexander Fernandes

    I am very curious to know if an af100 replacement is coming to NAB. I am a former owner of the original af100 and let me tell you….this was such an awesome camera. Even own the Raid redemption on blue ray which was shot on this camera. I see a lot of cameras and they look digital. This AF100 was the most filmic images I had ever seen. Very cinamatic, especially with the external recorder. I felt it was just a bit shy on the soft side in terms of resolution. Again, many cameras today even the gh4 offer 4k…but doesn’t have quite that magic look of cinema as this camera. I really hope this upgrage at NAB to be true. That would make the perfect camera as it would have all aspects of a cinematic image. If the 4k would be there. Again, are you sure AF100 will be at NAB in 2015?

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