Our Expectations with Sony A7S III…


Sony Alpha a7S IIHardly any website or tipster has accurate information about the Sony’s hit series ‘A7S III camera’, until now. But, we can atleast predict that this Sony’s upcoming camera is going to be the benchmark in the camera world and will sure impress the photographers in every way. Of course yes, because if you look at its two previous cameras Sony A7S and A7S II, which were released back in June, 2014 and September, 2015 respectively have some common specifications, but A7S II was the updated version of A7S and implemented 5-axis IS and the most important ISO value that is expandable upto 409600 and also offered the 4k Video recording facility. So, if we proceed theoretically, then Sony A7S III will absolutely be the camera that all the professional photographers want.

Our expectations with A7S III

The first thing we expect Sony A7S III may come with atleast around 20MP effective resolutions, unlike its siblings (a7s and a7s ii), which employ 12mp resolution for image quality. Other thing that strongly strike our head is that Sony must make A7s iii an ideal lowlight camera, which means its main competitor will be Nikon D5, which already reached the ISO height of 3280000, however, A7S II offers maximum ISO range of 496000, so possibility is much more that Sony A7S III may emulate Nikon D5, in terms of ISO. As we go further, the next thing is AF system. Both A7S and A7S II utilize contrast AF system, the case where photographers have silly complaints, so we believe these complaints of the photographers expressing the possibility of Hybrid AF system in A7S III, plus we may get to see an increment in the AF points as well (A7S II has 169 AF points). And Just like A7S II, the A7S III will also have built in 5-axis image stabilization for handheld shooting (5-axis IS is not implemented in A7S).

What about the video section? Obviously, A7s III will allow the photographers to record movie on 4K format @60fps with more manual control offer to a cinematographers.

In the end, it’s expected that Sony won’t make any delay in the announcement of long awaited A7S III, however, we don’t have any reliable information about this upcoming camera but it’s expected that the camera maybe introduced in the Q1 or in the middle of 2017. Sony’s announcement schedule was disrupted due to Kumamoto earthquake, otherwise the A7s III was to announce in September of this year.

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8 comments to Our Expectations with Sony A7S III…

  • I just recently sold my a7s for a very low price to buy an a7sii and literally they came out with the markii 6 months after I bought my camera…I just dont understand why they can’t put out all these specs in one camera and update it every few years…As an independent filmmaker on a budget, this is troubling. You buy a camera and they come out with something 10x times better around the same price months later :/

  • Ben

    we need a touch screen as well, please make it like panasonic GX8 while shooting can control focus point, that way is much faster for video and photos.

  • Mike K

    I know this article is just based on what one person wants… Yet the higher MP count means smaller pixels, so less light sensitivity and therefore more low light noise… not really something you’d want from a next gen a7S. Also the higher ISO is useless if the picture quality becomes as stupid as the D5’s up in the high ISO’s, 496000 seems enough, let’s not start a “I’ve got a higher ISO battle” between camera’s at cost of real picture quality. Personally I would love the 4K 60fps (or 6K internally downscaled to 4K 60 fps), but with such a small camera, the device will probable overheat or/and have more rolling shutter… It’s so difficult to predict what Sony comes up with, so let’s just wait and see 😛

    • Really just make it a touch screen with said touch screen not DIMMING IN 4K!!!! and they can have my money all over again. I’m hoping this a6500 is the step towards that.

  • Llannis

    touch screen and less prone to overheating (especially in warm environments)

  • armstrongchristian

    Nice expectations. Shooting with a7s ii in dimlight areas is practically magic experience. I love a7s ii camera and also hope a7s iii will have massive upgrade.

  • anton

    anton we need from sony a7s series 24 megapixel camera when you product this spec that is only one camera for next 5years beat all cameras

  • cevo

    4k60p and 4k30p 10bit codec will be awesome. Less rolling shutter, much cooler recording will definitely make that my next camera.I wouldn’t say no to better IS , 6k30p and an articulated screen. I am happy with that 12mp sensor I wouldn’t want more if it will hurt my iso performance

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