Olympus E-M1 Mark III – Our Expectations

We know it is too early to write our own expectations on the upcoming Olympus E-M1 Mark III, but we are too much curious to know your own expectations and wish list from you. Well, beginning with the question “will it introduce 6K?”  Seems an insane question, but Olympus EM1 Mark III is not going to be released anytime soon so there is a possible chance that Olympus E-M1 Mark II would be known for its 6K capability later. However, many of you mayn’t digest our 6K expectation with EM1 Mark II because there are so many cameras available around that come in more than an affordable price range but are not even 4K-enabled camera.

No need to take it much seriously since it is our own expectation so we want something more advanced and updated specifications in upcoming EM1 Mark III. Olympus, as we know, is always known for their systems with extraordinary image stabilization mechanism, so we do believe Olympus E-M1 III will also 5-Axis Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization (from 5.5 stops to 7stops) to give you very stabilized image, means one can get crisp and blur free images even while shooting in the lowlight situation. Moreover, a few Olympus cameras are great for astrophotography (click here).

Let’s see our specification expectations of Olympus E-M1 Mark II

20MP sensor

We confidently expect Olympus would retain the same 20 MP resolution in E-M1 Mark III as of its current E-M1 II but we could see a change in the Image processing engine. We expect an advanced TruPic X image processing engine that improves the overall performance of the camera along with lowlight.

Image Stabilization

Olympus E-M1 2 also incorporates 5-axis I.S that greatly compensates for all types of camera shake. Same as this E-M1 2, we expect its next version, means Mark III would also have this innovative and optimized correction algorithm – 5-Axis Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization to provide the best compensation performance with upto 5.5 shutter speed stops of compensation performance and when synced with the lens with in-lens image stabilization can provide powerful 7 shutter speed stops of compensation performance to give you miracle hand-held performance.

AF system

Possibly Next Gen of F.A.S.T. Autofocus 200 points AF System we highly expect inside upcoming Olympus E-M1 3. On the other hand, the current Mark II is astoundingly superb in terms of advancement that features advanced DUAL FAST AF with 121-point all cross-type sensor, and a unique moving subject tracking algorithm that significantly improved focusing performance of the camera. We expect some measurable improvement in the AF system of Olympus E-M1 III (would you?). Users of E-M1 II miss the great feature called “Autofocus Control Panel” that superbly deals only with the AF setting etc.

Introduction of 6K video

Probably an insane thinking! As well the rumor doesn’t mention anything regarding 6K feature in upcoming E-M1 III. 4K is surely possible but Olympus is known for change so we won’t be wrong anywhere if we keep expecting 6K in the upcoming Mark III.

Continuous shooting speed

In one word – 20fps! would be a probable number for continuous shooting speed in upcoming E-M1 III. You should know that the current Olympus E-M1 II sports a considerably fast 60 fps continuous shooting rate with an electronic shutter, 18 fps with continuous autofocus, and 15 fps with a mechanical shutter.


Extended ISO offered by Olympus EM1 2 is 25600, but you should know that it has four settings for noise reduction, or “Noise Filter” as the company calls it: “Off”, “Low”, “Standard” and “High”. Every setting is used at different ISO level. The upcoming Olympus E-M1 III could let use to extend upto ISO range upto 102400, so that flexible lowlight shooting will be easily done. Moreover, noise reduction filter should be added to this upcoming Olympus camera.

We published this article because there are many photographers and videographers who might want to know beforehand what kind specs might be coming inside Olympus E-M1 Mark III so that they can update their gear accordingly. This is just our own thoughts and expectations and we wish somewhere Olympus listen to us. If you think we still need to add anything in the post please share. So in this way it could reach to Olympus.

Thanks for reading!

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