Olympus E-M1 Mark II is superb Mirrorless camera

olympus-em1-mark-iiThere must be so many questions circulating in the minds of photographers who are really desperate to buy the newly announced staggering Olympus EM1 Mark II camera. There must be question such as: how will be the image quality of the camera (are we getting sharp and crystal-clear images or not)? Will the AF system of the camera can track the desire subjects very fast and accurate and many more. These kinds of questions are absolutely fair since the Olympyus EM1 Mark II has been released with some fabulous specifications like 20 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor, Advanced 5-Axis Image Stabilization, 121-Point Dual FAST AF, 50 Megapixel High-Res Shot Mode, Capture Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) video up to max bit rate of 237 Mbps at a 24P frame rate for true cinema quality  etc, plus the best part is the weight of the camera that is very light and small as well, making it versatile camera to carry around the place you go for shooting.

Now look at the reviews of this newly born Olympus EM1 Mark II camera:

Luminous Landscape posted their E-M1II preview and writes:

No question — this a great camera.  It’s loaded with features that some people might never use.  However, if one takes the time to become familiar with the camera and its many features, then a photographer would find this to be a very versatile camera that can produce nice images in a small, lightweight camera.
Yes, I will buy it.  Somewhat reluctantly because of the price, but I am vested in the lenses, and this camera will just make my investment that much better.Plus, it will be a nice Christmas gift for my wife (Don’t tell her). I hope that we see some firmware upgrades in the future to fix the minor but important concerns I have pointed out.  

Digitalrev writes:

This isn’t a camera that every M4/3 shooter needs, but it’s a fantastic option for professionals to upgrade into. While US$2,000 makes sense for existing M4/3 shooters that are interested in the sheer speed and power of the camera, this won’t convert any photographers using other mounts to the system. 

Imaging Resource posted the in depth image quality analysis. Comparing with the E-M1 at Base ISO they write:

The resolution advantage of the 20-megapixel E-M1 Mark II is apparent here compared to its 16-megapixel predecessor by virtue of the larger scale of the images on the left, but the E-M1 II also resolves more fine detail while showing similar if not slightly lower noise levels. Detail in our tricky red-leaf fabric pattern is less defined from the E-M1 II, though, due to what looks to be stronger noise reduction, however another reason is the increased resolution renders more of fine thread pattern which tends to break up the leaf pattern a bit more. The E-M1 II also appears to apply slightly stronger default sharpening, as well as slightly higher contrast and saturation than the E-M1, but in other respects, both cameras offer very similar image quality at base ISO.

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