Nikon will announce full-frame mirrorless camera?

sony-a7rii-620x620So finally, Nikon is seriously preparing to bring a competitor for the constantly leading Sony’s world popular full-frame mirrorless “A7” segment. Maybe, there are numbers of Nikon users who have been wished to buy a Nikon made full frame mirrorless cameras and based upon this familiar thought— Nikon will introduce a full-frame mirrorless camera very soon, according to the rumor. However, rumor suggests that Nikon is not very clear if they will exactly announce the full-frame mirrorless or medium format camera, but it’s definitely something coming of “bigger sensor”.

Furthermore, Owing to the breathtaking success of Nikon 1 J5- Nikon made it clear that they have no intention to discontinue it, which means Nikon 1 is still alive.

First interview Amateurphotographer

We announced the J5 about a year ago and that model is doing really well – especially in the Asian market, we have more than 10% [mirrorless] share… You can expect the J series especially to continue. This is really our mainstream model… However, we are considering taking the strengths of Nikon 1 – which is speed, portability, movie capabilities – to maybe refine the concept… to fit better to the market need… When you are talking about larger sensor mirrorless, this is definitely also a market we are officially monitoring in detail and we are really considering this segment.

Second interview Camerajabber

We are considering new concepts based on the Nikon 1 concept. The advantages of Nikon 1 is portability, speed, movie capabilities. We’re thinking about how we can use its strengths for new concepts that fit better with the demand from the market. I’m not saying we’re announcing a full-frame mirrorless camera, but it’s definitely something we’re analysing a lot, looking at the market very closely; it’s on our radar


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