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May be it is gradually, but we are at least knowing the lists of the products that the camera manufacturers are preparing to show at Photokina events. Like Panasonic has two to three cameras for Photokina, Olympus also bringing their products all the way to this photo events and some other products of different companies will also be introduced. Anyway, these are alright, but we are trying to know exactly what Nikon is showing us at Photokina? Since we don’t have any confirmed information what is coming from Nikon side. However, Nikon D3400 was announced just prior to Photokina that clearly indicates Nikon plan something big for this Event and it may include Full-Frame mirrorless camera from Nikon or may be the list of DSLRs waiting to be upgraded soon and the list includes…

Nikon D760

Nikon-D750The update for current Nikon D750 is overdue and the rumors are constantly tossing their expectations that its successor, Nikon D760 is very likely to be announced at Photokina. However, we are not fully sure if Nikon is going to do this or not, but a couple of weeks ago we saw an unusual price drop in the current Nikon D750 that elevates that Nikon D760 is waiting for the signal of stock clearance. So far, we don’t have accurate information about the specifications of the camera.

Nikon D820

Nikon D810It will be the successor of Nikon D810 and the camera for professional shooters, but when will Nikon announce this highly anticipated and long awaited camera for us, is a question. We have often embellished this Nikon camera according to our expected specs but until now, we didn’t get our hands on the exact specs information other than only rumors. If we run our eyes to the rumors so far, then the Nikon D820 is going to employ powerful 42 mp resolution sensor from Sony A7R II and users may also get the chance to record 4K video with this upcoming Nikon D820. The camera also rumored to have 173AF points, means the users would get a complete new camera from Nikon.

So, will it be right for us to hope Nikon D820 as the big announcement from Nikon at Phototkina?

Nikon D5600-

Nikon D5500We aren’t hearing anything about Nikon D5600 for its Photokina arrivals, but it is expected that the camera would probably be announced at Q1 of 2017 or by the end of this year. So far the rumors we know is that Nikon D5600 could employ 24MP sensor and improved AF and noise performance over its predecessor (Nikon D5500). Once we published our own expectations about the Nikon D5600. You can see here.

Nikon P1000-

Nikon-P900The crown of highest zoom camera is still on the head of Nikon P900 (83x) and the rumor is thickening up with the info that its successor Nikon P1000 to feature a 90X optical zoom lens and better low-light performance compared to Nikon P900. May be Nikon is not announcing this camera in the recent time because they are waiting for the Canon announcement for its long awaited SX70HS. We are sure that Photokina is not the place for this Mega zoom camera announcement from Nikon. P1000 may feature 20/24mp resolution etc.

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