Nikon Upcoming DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras 2017


Nikon Upcoming DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras 2017 – Nikon is one great source behind the imaging technology and the royal corporate in providing the unprecedented products for their users. Nikon already have clusters of exceptional cameras, lenses and other stuffs in their arsenal. In 2016, they introduced Nikon D5… a historic and groundbreaking camera from Nikon that gets the attention of the worldwide professional photographers immediately. Not only Nikon D5, but they also announced trim down version of D5…that is Nikon D500 and the last camera they announced is Nikon D5600, which is entry-level DX format camera—but unluckily, the camera has been announced for Asia only. So, looking at the past and present time of Nikon we can say that still Nikon has to come with their best in the years to come. We have tried to get out hands on the roadmap of upcoming cameras including DSLRs and Mirrorless from Nikon in 2017……….

1.Nikon D5600

nikon-d5600Nikon announced this camera in November, 2016, but not in the US. Yes, they announced this entry-level DX-format digital SLR equips an effective pixel count of 24.2-million pixels, plus it is also equipped with a Nikon DX-format CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter etc. Well, we are hoping that the users in the US must be avidly waiting for this camera to see in the stores also in 2017. But excitingly, the camera is available in some of the online dealers’ stock, which means the camera Nikon D5500 has already been announced in US too, but unofficially!

2.Nikon 1 J6


The rumors layer related to Nikon 1 J6 is constantly thickening up in the recent time, but we are still away from any reliable information. According to the last rumor Nikon is very likely to announce this camera at CP+ show of February, 2017. Happily, Nikon 1” line is still alive and the users who left the hope to see Nikon J series must be excited seeing J6 is on the roadmap of Nikon 2017. According to Nikonrumors, Nikon have bunch of patents filed for Nikon J series, which is giving us strong hint that Nikon 1 J6 is coming for sure anytime soon in 2017.

3.New Mirrorless camera with large sensor

Rumors have been constantly in a flow that Nikon will introduce a new mirrorless camera with large sensor in 2017, but still we are unsure whether that will be full-frame Mirrorless or medium format camera (Probably full-frame).

Actually, Nikon is in preparation of release a new competitor in the market to challenge Sony and other mirrorless manufactures. You should know that Sony A7 series is very well-known to the professional photographers and Sony is constantly leading with this A7 segment, innovatively.

4. Nikon D700 successor

nikon-d700Nikon D700 successor is due for an update and we have high hopes after the arrival of Nikon D500 as of the successor of ultra popular Nikon D300 camera and the popular rumor mill hinted us again we may see a baby D5 as the successor of D700 very soon

5.Nikon D5X

nikon-d3xIt was 2008, when Nikon released Nikon D3X, a 24.4-megapixel professional-grade full-frame DSLR camera. So could we see its successor in 2017 that will be D5X? However, how this camera will be, what would be its possible specs still unsure, but the camera is still standing in the line to be announced by Nikon in 2017. Other information about this camera—we can see a long jump in the price that may be around $10000 and the camera will be the direct competitor of current 50MP medium format, Fuji GFX 50S mirrorless camera.


6.Nikon D620

nikon-d620If we turn our eyes in the current rumors then the camera Nikon D620 is coming in first half of 2017. Nikon D610 was announced back in 2013, means three years ago and its update is also pending for these specific years. Well, we hope to see Nikon D620 to feature some robust specifications so that the long waiting of the users may worth it. You can click here to see our own specification expectations here.

7.Nikon D820

Nikon-D810Still the favorite DSLR to Professional photographers, at the core of the D810 it equips 36.3-megapixel FX-format (7360 x 4912 resolution) CMOS sensor and many other extraordinary features. Well, Nikon still not looks serious about the successor of massive Nikon D810, but the rumors says that Nikon will surely announce Nikon D820 as replacement camera  in 2017. According to the current rumors surfacing online, the camera is going to employ powerful 42 mp resolution sensor from Sony A7R II, the camera also rumored to have 173AF point etc. This is long rumored camera and many times rumor mills expected it to be announced at some point of 2016 Photokina. But 2016 is mulling in exit and 2017 is infront of us.

Finally, we have to scream loudly… Nikon, we got tired of waiting please do some speedy work.

8.Nikon D760

Nikon D750 Again the FX format camera in the line to be announced in 2017. The current Nikon D750 is solid camera under an affordable price tag that also offers master class specifications like 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor and some other outstanding specifications. We expect Nikon D760 may also feature same sensor and resolution as its predecessor, but it will not use the image processor of D750 (Expeed 4), it may use Dual Expeed 4 or Single Expeed 5.  Expandable ISO may go upto 102400 and continuous shooting speed may be upto 10fps.

Note– Nikon D620, Nikon D820 and Nikon D760 all are FX format cameras and are on the roadmap to be announced in 2017. But at the same time one thing that rapidly circulates in our mind “will Nikon announce all the three FX-Format cameras in single year”? Don’t know, but almost one to two out of these three camera must be announced by Nikon… just wait and watch!

9.Nikon DF2 camera

Nikon-DF-image-11 The Nikon DF users are still kept their long wait on hold as they are very desperate to see the next version Nikon DF camera, which is going to be Nikon DF2. Actually, nobody have accurate information about the Upcoming Nikon DF2 camera, but current rated rumors is saying that Nikon would probably announce this highly anticipated camera in their 100th anniversary, which they will announce celebrate in July of 2017.


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