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Several Nikon cameras that were highly expected to get announced in 2017 failed to register their announcement platform and we are seeing that 2017 will shortly take an exit to 2018. In July, Nikon announced the most awaited Nikon D850 and broke some incredible records of the past. The most popular record is its unassailable 100 out of 100 in DXO sensor test and its High ISO shooting capability is also marvelous. well, Nikon D850 has been stepping nicely to “what it has been made for”, but why Nikon is still silent when the talking about Nikon D750 successor goes on? Just like Nikon D750 successor there are plenty of DSLRs and Mirrorless perhaps in the list that are due for and announcement and update as well. Once again let’s see the list that contains the name of the cameras that we are highly desperate to see anytime in 2018.

Nikon D760


Probably one of the most overdue Full-Frame Entry-Level Nikon cameras! Yes, Nikon D750 was announced back in September, 2014 and after three years of waiting Nikon kept its update still on side. If you look at the flux of rumors currently across the web then Nikon D760 is going to be the outstanding piece of DSLR that can out edge some of the best guns with sharp triggers. Yes its current competitor could be Canon 6D Mark II, Panasonic GH5. But to beat GH5 in video terms D760 might lag behind. But we strongly believe that we could see 4K in video. Well, what we could expect about Nikon D760 is that the camera may have 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor (Same as D750) but according to rumors, it will not use the image processor of D750 (Expeed 4), it may use Expeed 5 image processing engine.  Expandable ISO may go upto 102400 and continuous shooting speed may be upto 10fps. Unfortunately, the time of its official announcement is still disputed.

Nikon D650

Nion D650 camera coming

Rumors or any other information are too short to write about Nikon D650 (Which is rumored to be called D610′ successor). All we can say upto now is that it could have some wonderful specifications because most of the hardware and technologies used in it got outdated. What we greatly expect is that it video capability that could limit to 4K @30 fps unlike 1080p @30fps.

Nikon P1000


We should start counting the days since most of the rumor mills already said that the next zoom camera from Nikon would have 125X Optical Zoom. It is told that Nikon has one new model that would have Optical zoom of 125X or 24-3000mm equivalent lens. You should know that current P900 has still been the Top zoom camera in the world with 83X. However, we expect there are more information to come in the recent future before its formal announcement, which hasn’t been fixed yet.

Nikon Coolpix A II

Nikon coolpix AIt looks like Nikon is not serious about the announcement of Nikon Coolpix A II. No news, no rumors except expectations are circulating online. Nikon has probably missed to register the name of Nikon coolpix A II in their list.

Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless camera

It is said that the Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless could be a High-Resolution camera that may feature 45 MP sensor. Nikon Mirrorless camera is very hot topic on the web. But when will Nikon release it still unconfirmed.

Nikon D6

Last but not least! Nikon D6, the successor of D5 is not coming anytime soon for sure but what we can expect to see is its development announcement at Photokina of 2018. Means most probably the camera’s official announcement may flip to January or Q1 of 2019. We speculate 24-28MP sensor (Hybrid sensor?) in next Nikon Flagship “Nikon D6”.

If Nikon D6 comes with Hybrid sensor, then this  flagship Nikon would probably be the first Nikon Full-Frame DSLR to offer you maximum numbers of distinctive AF points like never before in any other Nikon camera.

  • 4K @60fps
  • 20fps

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  • I think the d5s will come first in Feb ish time 2018 don’t think there will be a d650 or any replacement for d610 I think a mid range mirrorless will take on that role I also don’t think there will be a 46mp mirrorless in 2018/19 to soon after d850 and nikon won’t canabilize sales of this amazing camera I think the top mirrorless will be a rival to the Sony a9 and will run along side the 2yr old d5 but we will definitely see a d750 replacement as it’s a very popular camera

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