Nikon P900 vs. Canon SX60 HS

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Canon Power Shot SX60 HS 1Nikon P900 is a recently announced cooplix megazoom camera and take a look at the specification comparison sheet below,

Major Difference

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Canon Power Shot SX60 HS Specification Comparison Table.

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Canon Power Shot SX60 HS 5


We’ve kept the two cameras Nikon P900 and Canon SX60 HS in the table of comparison. It’ll be great to see how the both camera prove itself a best in-front of other camera.

Optical Zoom: There’s no any doubt about the optical zoom of Nikon P900 that bears 83x of zoom range help you to leave not more space from the target subjects and deliver such a magnified images that you want while Canon SX60 HS can zoom upto 65x.

Aperture range: The big aperture range with F2.8-F6.5 Nikon COOLPIX P900 that permits a more lot of light onto the sensor and this what needs to use the faster shutter speed to obtain the crisp depth of the field of the images.

ISO: The ISO of Nikon P900 is awesome with 12800 that promises you to freeze the actions of the subjects moving in a dim light situation while its competitor has a limits upto 6400.

Shooting speed: A little bit more frame rate per seconds (7fps)  that will capture much actions of the subjects than Canon SX60 HS with 6.4fps.

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Canon Power Shot SX60 HS 2

Display: 3.0″ vari-angle LCD swivel with 922 dot resolutions display will prove helpful while shooting at bright light conditions.

WI FI– The built in Wifi with NFC by making a bond with the compatible devices like android iOS  to instant sharing of images and videos.

High ISO Test Between Nikon P900 vs. Canon SX60 HS

Nikon P900 vs. Canon SX60 HS 5

Verdict:  After taking a careful look on each specs it’s cleared that to use Nikon P900 would be wise thinking and you’ll feel no regret on splurging you precious budget on purchasing Nikon P900 but at the same time you are too freedom which one you’re gonna pick.

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