Nikon P1000 and our expectation

Nikon-P1000-imageA couple of month ago, we published a rumored information via anonymous mailer that Nikon P1000 will come with a 90X optical zoom lens and better low-light performance compared to Nikon P900. Also there was expectation that the upcoming Nikon P1000 will be announced at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 based on the refresh cycle of Nikon mega zoom series. Every year Nikon updates it’s all compact cameras including the P9XX series hence therefore there is still lots of chance of its arrival in coming days.

Since, after seeing the recent leaked lens patent of 100X Optical zoom lens, it is likely that Nikon is very serious on this particular project of developing Nikon P1000 and hence it is sufficient to raise our expectation towards the arrival of the upcoming Megazoom camera with a 100X zoom lens.

As we know the upcoming Nikon P1000 will be the successor of Nikon P900, which was announced on 1st March, 2015. We have lots of expectation towards it that it will come with magnificent specifications compare to its predecessor Nikon P900.

It is expected that the upcoming Nikon P1000 will sport 20/24MP CMOS sensor which helps to record high-quality images with low noise and it will also  maintains the better image resolution even in low-light conditions to deliver magnificent image quality, low –light sensitivity and better color combination .

It will have 100x Optical Zoom NIKKOR Super ED VR Lens which will definitely supports the photographer to shoot in various conditions and also makes easy to shoot far-away subjects such as wildlife, sporting events, or even the satellites. The Dual Detect Optical VR will reduce the camera shake and it will provide the newly photographers to capture the better images tense-free.

The camera Nikon P1000 will sport Infrared Touch LCD screen and high resolution viewfinder which will help the photographer to review and compose the captured images easily and also the Viewfinders allow the users to shoot in bright sunlight without facing any problem.

It will come with advanced image stabilization, which will help the users to feel fearless about their unwanted hand-shake during capturing images and they will get better blur-free images.

We may look demanding in nature it may expect 4K video recording form P1000, but at least 4K recording will be expected, which is a common for today compact cameras.

Hence, these are our expectations towards the upcoming Nikon P1000, so we expect the camera will lie on our expectation or more will be desired.


Proceed with us for more information.

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