Nikon DF2 to feature 24MP resolution as of Nikon D750


We already speculated that Nikon would probably announce the most awaited Nikon DF2 camera in their 100th anniversary (July, 2017) will retain 24MP sensor of Nikon D750, according to the recent rumor. Actually, this rumor was published in one Japanese Magazine.

The other information is that the Successor of current Nikon D750 will be Nikon D770 (?), when most of us gave it a rumored name Nikon D760 will have a fixed LCD screen and 1/8000 shutter speed.

Here is the original text:

There’s not much regarding specs in the article except a mention of a Df2 and D770 (mid-bottom). However, I’m pretty sure this article is old because the first sentence of the middle column says, “First, a D5. It should definitely arrive since it’s already in development.” And the headline above it says “No D400 but two D750 based models to arrive.” These two sentences indicate that this article was written before the D5 and D500 were released.”

“The article says the D750 successor (D770?) will have a fixed LCD screen and 1/8000 shutter speed. Although I don’t use the swivel screen much, it seems strange to take it away, especially if it’s going to have better video capabilities…┬áThe article claims (I think – hard to read the edge there) there will be a “Nikon 2 VX1″, a mirrorless camera with APS-C sized sensor. Can they actually fit APS-C sensors behind the CX mount?”

At the same time the rumor mill also told not to put much weight over this rumor


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