Nikon D7600 Expectations

Before we begin our article based on our thoughts and views we must ask you what is your expectation with the next version or successor or upcoming Nikon D7600? Perhaps you have your own wishlist with you but we are a bit tensed with the name if it is really going to be Nikon D7600 or we get to see any other name when the camera would near about to announce as with the case of Nikon D7200 successor, which at first was expected to be Nikon D7300 but eventually it changed to Nikon D7500. Well, Nikon D7500 was announced back in April this Year with a few changed specifications compared to D7200 (Click here), but photographers are curious to know how many changes and improvements we could get to see in D7600 from D7500. Not everything will be changes but quite a few are must. Let’s see what are those specs that will be newly added inside the core of Nikon D7600.

New Sensor Hybrid

When Nikon brought their update to D7200 that is Nikon D7500 they minimized the effective pixels: Nikon D7200 uses 24MP APS-C sensor, whereas the latest announced D7500 employs 21 MP resolution. Though it doesn’t create a big difference in the image quality but Nikon could atleast keep same resolution in D7500 if not increased. But once again, we do highly expect Nikon D7500 should come with 24 MP sensor (Hybrid?). Yes, we do also expect an Hybrid sensor, which helps to provide increased AF speed and tracking performance when the camera is in Live View mode or when shooting Full HD movies.

Image Processor

Expeed 6 – Might be the image processor that Nikon would implement in the heart of Nikon D7600.  Expeed 6 Image processor will sure boost the overall processing speed of the camera and don’t forget new processor brings new image processing algortihm inside it that will going to show of  significance while shooting in lowlight conditions or landscape

153 AF points (Nikon D500)

Will it feature 153 AF points as of Nikon D500? We have to find some relevant lines to support this question. Probability is more than enough that Nikon would borrow the AF system from its ultra-Popular, Nikon D500. But if Nikon somewhere doesn’t do this then they won’t change the AF system and stick with the same as of D7500 (51 AF points, Contrast + Phase).


We expect Nikon would keep the ISO range same as of Nikon D7500. Nikon D7500 offers expandable ISO range of 164,000 to give users flexible lowlight shooting just like Nikon D500.

Continuous Shooting speed

We guess 8fps at full resolution must be the correct number to be used in Nikon D7600 (Same as Nikon D7500) so that can capture the most thrilling actions of the desire subjects very effortlessly.

This article is just based on our thoughts and list that we wish to see in the next coming Nikon D7600.

Do share you thoughts and paste your wishlist below

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