Nikon D760 coming with 4K- Our Expectations

Innumerable rumors have been surfaced up. Even the reputed rumor mills tossed up their speculation many times on the long anticipated Nikon D760, but eventually the rumors became rumors and no rumor has taken the hot side. The D750 successor was speculated to be announced in 2016, but it looks like Nikon hasn’t completed its homework that didn’t let its announcement happen neither in 2016 nor in 2017. Well, like us you may also greatly expect that Nikon must not want to skip 2018 in the same way and what clearly visible is that Nikon D760 will be a technically excellent mid-range camera that may equip heavy set of specifications, such as advanced WiFi connectivity, etc.

It is very true that there are so many photographers who have been all set to splurge on this long anticipated camera for long time and many have already shifted to other brands reason is the bad delay to its announcement.

But the one who has been still waiting must taste the sweet fruit in 2018. Yes, Nikon D760 would probably get the licence of official announcement, but need to wait to know exactly when. By the way, What it should come with? Many have unexpected wishlist, but we gave a solid time to analyse precisely “What could be the set of Major specifications Nikon D760 would wear?

Let’s go…

4K is not our expectation it is must have!

Canon 6D Mark II announced with Full HD instead of 4K, making most of the photographers completely upset, but few are happy, plus the price range is near around $2K. But unlike Canon, Nikon would give first prior to make D760 a 4K DSLR in the same introductory price of Nikon D750. Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and other mirrorless cameras have already stepped up in this field and Nikon must love to be spiteful sporting contestant.

One thing, 4k Nikon D760 could be a solid reason that could decelerate Canon 6D Mark II’s selling. Well, that would be a latter thing but we do expect so!

24 MP Hybrid CMOS FX Sensor

Absolutely professional feature! we can confirm that many of you must have agreed with us if we talk about that 24 MP Hybrid CMOS FX Sensor should be implemented in the upcoming Nikon D760. Since with this Resolution and sensor we can get vastly sharp images of the subjects and lowlight shooting will be absolutely outstanding.


The the standard ISO would be 51200 and that can be extended to 204800 to give users flexible lowlight shooting.

Introduction of Global shutter

The Electronic shutter or Global shutter has been missed in Nikon D750. But Nikon D760 could be introduced with Global shutter that don’t generate drive noise and makes the camera capable for silent shooting and produces high quality images since it gently minimizes any effect on resolution.

Nikon Should introduce Built in Image Stabilization

Nikon D750 is mainly used in wedding or some big event shooting and in those conditions you just can’t carry tripod to capture the moments. Means you wouldn’t have enough time of the world. So Nikon must think about this because in those situations shootings are done handheld so there might be a great probability of handshake that can ruin the charm of the image. So based on this discussion, we must request to Nikon to add the in-built image stabilization feature so that the wedding photographers can take the best quality images as a results they get premium from their clients.

However, none of the Nikon Prime lenses support OIS hence shooting in lowlight condition is bit diffcult for the beginners or those who are not having tripod with them. One more issue is the Mirrorless makers offering in body as well as lens based Image stabilization in their cameras as well as lenses, not only that some of the mirrroless body supports dual IS that works in synchronization of lens + Body IS and gives you upto 6.5 stops of IS support. So we atleast the introduction of sensor based IS inside the Nikon DSLR line- up.

We have completed our own expectation on upcoming Nikon D760. Now do share your thoughts with us.

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1 comment to Nikon D760 coming with 4K- Our Expectations

  • 4K yes! Pretty obvious, but using the full size of the sensor, like the new D850! It would also be nice to have illuminated buttons on the back, like the D500, D850 and D5, especially if this new baby is going to be an excellent low light performer! It would be so great when you shoot concerts!
    Regarding video features (apart from 4K), I do hope focus peaking will be implemented and above all in 4K, and not just FHD, as it happens to be on the D850!
    I also hope the HDMI conector will be full size like the Lumix GH5, plus the plastic screwable conector protector like the D850 and GH5.
    And last but not least, it would be great to see Nikon D760 without video recording time limitation like GH5.
    I would like to see Nikon propose new codecs for video but this is probably asking too much… but who knows! Nikon seems to take video features a bit more seriously as the D850 proves it!

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