Nikon D7200 Best Lenses

I think no need to suggest the position of Nikon in the world of camera, the brand which name is sometimes enough to introduce the whole staircase. The Nikon is very reputed and it’s widespread believed that one can hardly doubt about its planted features in any camera. The company has still been maintaining its sanctity of delivering unsurpassed and permanent superior results.

Here we’ve brought one extremely useful camera Nikon D7200 the successor of Nikon D7100 that got all the excellent features like first class high-end APS-C camera, larger buffer, improved autofocus performance in low light, 60p video, Wi-Fi with NFC, and at last but not least the battery quality that will have extra charging capacity upto 15 % more.


However, the chief motive of this articles is to help you out all the problem you have to deal with during lens selections. The gullible or one who has very less experience in the world of photography can’t say only gullible the permanent users sometimes also duped during the selection of lenses. So this lens recommendation must help you to tackle all the unwelcome problems during lens choosing for this Expensive Nikon D7200.

Just check out the little specifications of Nikon D7200:

  • 24.2MP CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter
  • Multi-CAM 3500DX II 51-point AF system, all sensitive to -3EV
  • 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor, used for 3D subject tracking in AF-C
  • ISO 100-25,600, with ISO 51,200 and 102,400 black and white modes
  • 6 fps continuous shooting (7 fps in 1.3x crop mode) with increased buffer depth
  • 1/8000 sec maximum shutter speed
  • 3.2″, 1.2M dot RGBW LCD display
  • 1080/60p video (1.3x crop only) with clean output over HDMI and Flat Picture Control
  • Dual SD card slots
  • Wi-Fi with NFC
  • Magnesium alloy weather-sealed body

Best portrait lenses for Nikon D7200:

 AF -S Nikkor 50 mm F/1.4 G-


If you choose this lens then you’ll have an excellent choice for shallow depth of field control. This lens could be an ideal for composing the full-length portrait. Furthermore, also benefited for travel photography or whatever kind of light situation this lens will provide you a good control in every situations. In the construction of this lens SWM( Silent wave Motor) is added to design to enable silent along with fast focusing actions and comfortable switching is also available between autofocus and manual operation,Super Integrated Coating (SIC) that help this lens to be stay away from the blame of color performance with reducing ghosting and flare. 9-blade rounded diaphragm provide you a natural look to the Bokeh produced by this lens.

A Non-Rotating Barrel allows the use of circular polarizing filters and lens-mounted flash accessories and M/A Focus Mode allows fast, smooth transitions, autofocus to manual operation.

AF-S DX Nikkor 16-85mm F/3.5-5.6 GED VR-

Nikor lens

An ideal lens for a broad range of shooting situations, a compact and highly adaptable lens has been engineered with Nikon’s Vibration Reduction technology that will give you an excellent help in minimize the camera shake and you could have blur free images, two extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass elements to minimize chromatic aberration ass well as brilliant help in correcting color performance,three aspherical lens elements to remove  coma effects and other flaws, even when used at the widest aperture and accurate, high-speed, ultra-quiet autofocusing results can be enjoyed by the photojournalists brcause the incorporation of Nikon Silent Wave Motor (SWM) within the lens.

AF-S Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G ED 


nikon_20mm_f_1_8g_fx_lensA wide-angle lens that is compatible with both full frame FX and DX crop sensor cameras. A fast f/1.8 maximum aperture  allows  a shwallow depth of the field for choiceable focus use, as well as shooting at the dimmer situation. Two aspherical and two Extra-low Dispersion elements with Nano Crystal Coating minimize the aberration and provide you the sharp images within the frame, A Silent Wave Motor give you a quick operation of all the focusing applications.

Best event shooting lens-

AF-S DX NIKKOR 17-55mm f/2.8G ED-IF-


A lens from Nikon is a wide angle to short telephoto zoom the design of this lens is specially for  use with DX format Nikon DSLR cameras. The engineered of three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements in the construction to reduce chromatic aberration, also provides higher resolution with super contrast as a result of which sharp shot is immense possible. To give its best optical performance three aspherical lens elements will have a brilliant work in minized distortion, especially at the periphery,The Silent Wave Motor for smooth focusing result and a natural look to the bokeh due to the constructing of rounded 9-blade diaphragm within the lens.

Best lens for shooting wild life

AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/4E PF ED VR-



The beautiful design of lens to stay fit with high-resolution full-frame cameras with high resolution performance, Phase Fresnel (PF) lens element with Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass element to acquire best sharpness and clarity and to liberate the problem of  chromatic aberration or ghosting. Vibration Reduction image stabilization present in the lens to get rid of the issue of camera shake for up to 4.5 shutter speed stops, Silent Wave Motor autofocus employed in the lens to provide you to get the fast and silent AF results. The mechanism of highly accurate electromagnetic diaphragm ensures consistent exposures, especially when shooting at high frame rates and the the nano crystal coating put in the design to reduce  surface and internal reflections for a marked reduction in lens flare and ghosting.

Best affordable zoom lens

AF-S VR Zoom Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED-


 A versatile and lightweight telephoto zoom lens for FX format DSLRs that extensively provides a reach to magnify distance subjects. A silent wave motor for better AF actions, the Internal Focusing (IF) design for fixed length for lens  non-rotating front element allows the use of circular polarizing filters and lens-mounted flash accessories. A vibration reduction image stabilization to tacle with the problem of camera shake.Extra low dispersion glass to minimize chromatic aberration, Super Integrated Lens Coating improves light transmission, lessen ghosting and flare 9-blade rounded diaphragm to provide a natural look to the bokeh.

Best lens for sports and action photographers:

AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II-

Nikkor 70- 200

A very useful lens for lowlight situations and all the innovative qualities the lens having with. A Fast f/2.8 Maximum Aperture and the powerful focal length an ideal lens for professionals and amateurs shooting sports, photojournalism and wildlife. Nikon VR II (Vibration Reduction) Image Stabilization helps to improve camera shake and a 7 Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) Elements to provide enormous sharper with correcting the color performance and invincibly minimize chromatic aberration no matter whether at wide aperture settings along the nano crystal coatings and Nikon Super Integrated Coating (SIC), the incorporation of Nikon silent motor for quiet as well as fast and accurate auto focus action and the winsome Bokeh by Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm.

Best travel zoom lens:

AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR-

Nikon af-s

You can fulfil your all desires of photography if you use this lens that capable of shooting wide angle to super telephoto focal lengths. The utilizing of ultrasonic vibrations in Silent Wave Motor autofocus system providing impossible smooth, silent and precise autofocus operation,Vibration Reduction II image stabilization to deliver you blur free images by reducing the camera shake for up to 3.5 stops, Three aspherical lens elements to minimize coma and other chromatic aberration as well as correct distortion, Super Integrated Coating, reduces flaring, maintaining a crisp image accross the frame.


Best Macro lens:

AF-S Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED-



 This lens can amaze you through its optical performance and the other thing is Compact and versatile the 1:1 reproduction ratio for of making very large photographs or photography words life size, Silent Wave Motor equipped in the lens that enables silent, fast and accurate AF applications Internal Focusing design for fixed lens length and non-rotating front element allows the use of circular polarizing filters and lens-mounted flash accessories. The ED glass element, to minimize chromatic aberration across the entire zoom range while ensuring high resolution and contrast. To disappear internal reflections across a wide range of wavelength the coating of Nano crystal is truly useful, 9-blade rounded diaphragm for mind blowing Bokeh.






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