Nikon D620 – Our Expectations

nikon-d620It looks like Nikon D620 is still not in the area of Nikon’s attention since no rumors related to this anticipated DSLR are surfacing over the web. Nikon D610— the predecessor of this Nikon D620 arrived in 2013, means exactly three years ago, however, most of photographers have been waiting for this successor camera as long since 2014, but still their long waiting has not been changed into reality. There are numbers of photographers who often asked “how long should we wait for our desire Nikon D620 camera? Sadly, until now, we also don’t have the answer for this question. Anyway, there are probably a lot of photographers who are very eager to know the specifications Nikon D620 comes with.

Maybe you also have some expectations for Nikon D620, but here are our own expectations related to its specifications so that you also can tally your own with us and also share your own thought or information, if any.

So come to the point-

Before we begin to show you our wishlist about upcoming Nikon D620 camera, our first expectations is the upcoming camera sensor ( and of course other hardware) should be free from manufacturing defects. Since Nikon D610 users suffered a lot from dust and oil issues, so we hope Nikon will not repeat the same mistake again in Nikon D620.

Megapixels- The users of Nikon D610 have no complaints for image quality, so far. So we can expect that Nikon will implement the same 24.3MP sensor in Nikon D620, same as Nikon D610. Stunning details and sharp images plus more dynamic range are the first priorities of most photographers and Nikon D610 delivers all these things.

AF Points– A camera with fast, precise AF system is one of the reasons behind Razor sharp images and D610 has 39 tightly packed focus points with nine cross-type sensors. However, 39 points is ok for the accurate images, especially, when light condition is not good. But, “will Nikon D620 have the same AF points? We say no. Nikon D620 will be the updated version of D610 and we assume that Nikon D620 must integrate Multi CAM 3500 AF sensor—51 points. It’s sure that there will be jump in AF points, not much high, but 51 points is fair.

ISO– Atleast one stop improvement in ISO too due to the introduction of EXPEED 4 image processor inside the camera! Yes, Nikon D620 will offer us Expandable ISO range of 51200—Just one stop more than its predecessor Nikon D610 (ISO 25600), if the sensor remains same.

Continuous shooting– If Nikon has to improve the Continuous rate in Nikon D620, then it will be 6.5 fps. Nikon D610 offers 6fps. What you think about?

Videos- With Nikon D610, you have only full HD video at your fingertips that is 1080p with selectable frame rates of 30p, 25p or 24p. If Nikon brings D620 with same full HD video, then it will possibly be no longer desirable choice for the users waiting for this successor. However, Nikon once committed (in the beginning of 2016) that they would like to put the 4K features in almost all the DSLRs that will be introduced in 2016. And Based on that commitment, it is obviously fair to expect Nikon D620 also feature 4K at 30fps and will let their users to spare their cash on this incredible entry-level solution.

WI-FI, NFC– Nikon must offer their users to enjoy the work of Wi-Fi, NFC and moreover Nikon’s own copyright  snapbridge support software, so that transferring many files will be faster and easier done.

We need your wishlist related to Nikon D620 camera, do share your thoughts, suggestions in our comments box below.

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