Nikon D610 vs. Sony Rx1 R – HIGH ISO TEST

The ISO range of both Camera touches same high ISO range, take a look at the Image below and share your thoughts with us.

Nikon D610 vs. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R 5The ISO performance of Sony RX1 R camera at ISO 12800 is really impressive when compared Nikon D610, since we are getting details + very less color noise compared to Nikon D610.

At ISO 25600 the story is bit different, Since Sony RX1 R is using a strong noise reduction filter we are getting less details / almost a flat image… on the other hand the Nikon D610 image is also UN-usable due to high amount of noise in it.

So we recommend you to buy Sony RX1 R if you want world best compact camera, however if image noise is not a problem to you than go for Nikon D610 and want to access more than 100 of FX and DX Lenses for your camera .. go with NIKON D610.

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1 comment to Nikon D610 vs. Sony Rx1 R – HIGH ISO TEST

  • Sam

    This is a rather useless comparison. No camera looks good at these ridiculous high ISO settings. If you compare the RAW results of these cameras up to ISO 3200, you’ll find that the D610 looks slightly cleaner. A little less rough. Still a very nice performance for such a small fixed lens camera. Just remember you can never switch lenses and the little Sony needs a lot of battery energy.

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