Nikon D610 successor will be Nikon D650 (?)

We are in huge dubious state by taking the hot case of Nikon D610 successor. Actually, looking at the going trend of Nikon it looks like successor of Nikon D610 will be called Nikon “Nikon D650” (why?). Let us take you a year back when we all were speculating the successor of Nikon D300 must be D400, but surprisingly, Nikon gave it a name tag of Nikon D500 by skipping D400 all because to make a perfect match with great Nikon D5. And now most of the photographers love to call D500 as Baby D5. Well, once again, now the yet unannounced camera and successor of Nikon D7200 will be called Nikon D7500 instead of being D7300. Here also they follow the same trend as this upcoming camera borrows sensor from Nikon D500 and also matches the name tag. Moving further, from the very beginning, the rumors, discussions everything were going on the web were all about Nikon D820, which is still expected to be the successor of Nikon D810, but the new adopted trend of Nikon is somewhere letting us to think it should be “Nikon D850”. And hence, finally while looking at the above mentioned reasons we have no other options to say that Nikon D610 successor will be going to Nikon D650 instead of Nikon D620.

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