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Nikon D5s is not coming in January?

Do you believe Nikon D5s is coming in January, 2018? I myself don’t! Reason is that there is no solid evidence that strengthen the rumor that got viral on the web that the Nikon D5s, which is rumored to be the successor of Flagship Nikon D5 to be unveiled in January, 2018.

Let’s tell you why the announcement of Nikon D5s looks impossible in January, 2018?

Just like Nikon D4s, we can obviously expect Nikon D5s, but if Nikon D5s comes with slight improvement as of D4s then we don’t expect the current D5 users will invest such a huge amount in getting the same configuration with minor tweaks.

In addition, 2020 is the Olympic Year and to compete with the Canon 1DX Mark III (Canon 1DX Mark II’s successor), Nikon would announce Nikon D6. Meanwhile Panasonic is rumored to announce 6K consumer camera that is Panasonic GH6.