Nikon D5700 – Our expectations


Nikon D5700- Our expectations Honestly, we are very disappointed with the announcement of Nikon D5600 all because of its carbon copy specifications to its predecessor Nikon D5500…yes, it is. By the way, we all know Nikon didn’t announce D5600 worldwide as its limit is Asia only, but there is huge expectation that Nikon will announce D5600 in USA and other countries as well in January 2017.

Give a look to the specifications difference of Nikon D5600 and Nikon D5500


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Well, there must be some photographers and videographers who might want to know beforehand what kind of models are coming in the near future, so they can plan to upgrade their equipment accordingly.

Now the successor or next version of Nikon D5600 would probably be Nikon D5700 or something else, but we would like to give it a nametag of Nikon D5700 and we are going to put our own expectations on Nikon D5700, so that you can also read and share your own wishlists and this way it gets more attention and possibly get Nikon themselves to think about it.

Nikon D5700 new sensor

Now come to the original text— the time when we are writing our own expectations, we don’t know much more thing about Nikon D5700, but our calculation says that it might hire its own family member’s—Nikon D7200 24.2MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor (Nikon D5600 do have the same).

What is new in Nikon D5600 that lets us to call it not the replica of its predecessor Nikon D5500? Snapbridge function, which is a new Bluetooth Low Energy radio that smartly connects with the smart devices (Not integrated in Nikon D5500) and at the same time it is also not the culprit of the camera battery and doesn’t consume more energy (battery friendly function).

Nikon D5700 improved AF

When we have nothing to say whoa (!) for Nikon D5600, then Nikon must take it seriously, leading us to expect other big jump we could see is AF points in upcoming D5700. Yes, we speculate Nikon must increase the AF points and that might to static with 51 AF points…and of course— Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II DX AF Sensor (same as Nikon D7200?).

Nikon D5700 4K

Since Nikon D5600 was an entry-level DSLR camera that‘s why we considered Full HD video to the required standard, but the new generation photographers want their camera 4K pre-featured and there are some crazy sections of photographers who are only agree to splurge their pretty saving on 4K featured camera otherwise they are preferring Smartphone or iPhone as their photography equipment. Thus, we also expect Nikon should desperately integrate 4K video functionality in D5700 as well in order to make it totally different from its all previous cameras line-up.

Nikon D5700 – Expeed 5

Last but not least- we are very willing to see Expeed 5 as image processing engine in Nikon D5700. Yes, it the same processing engine which works in Nikon D500, remarkably. By adding Expeed 5 Image processor it will sure going to boost the overall processing speed of the camera and don’t forget new processor brings new inage processing algortihm inside it that will going to show of  significance while shooting in lowlight conditions or landscape.

In the end, when we expect to see big Jump in core specs of Nikon D5700 then the price of camera will never static, means there must be an energetic jump in the price as well and that might considerably more than Nikon D5600.

Hope you enjoyed this article, but we also want to know your thoughts  and the features you want in the comment box below…

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