Nikon D5600 Review, specification comparisons and more…

nikon-d5600Nikon D5600 is an entry-level DX-format digital SLR features 24.2-Mega pixels equipped with a Nikon DX-format CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter, ensuring you fast and crystal clear images. Also, Nikon D5600 integrates a 3.2-inch Vari-angle LCD monitor. Nikon D5600 also has ISO 100 to 25600 for consistent lowlight shooting.

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Comparison Review

Here is the list of specification comparisons with all the possible competitors of Nikon D5600



Nikon D5300  Nikon D5300

Verdict: The only thing Nikon D5600 is offering is its SnapBridge function, which is not integrated in Nikon D5300. Snapbridge app once installed, creating a constant connection between the D5600 and Smartphones for simple automatic transfer of photos. However, it is not a big thing, other advantage you get is touch LCD and one stop more in standard ISO range. For Nikon D5300 users we recommend you to wait for Nikon D5700 camera to see a big difference in core specification or you can go with Nikon D7200 or Nikon D500.

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sony-a7Sony A7

Verdict – Sony A7 is an awesome compact Full-Frame camera offers robust specifications as you saw above. Nikon D5600 is obviously an entry-level DX-Format camera, however, there is a big difference in sensor size of both the camera and if you can afford you must go with the Sony A7 camera.

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Nikon-D7200-frontNikon D7200

Verdict- Obviously, Nikon D7200 will be the camera we must recommend you since the reasons we have found out above. However, for the beginners we must recommend Nikon D5600.

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Nikon-D3400-small-imageNikon D3400

Verdict-Nikon D3400 is good camera, but Nikon D5600 is little more updated including more AF points, bigger display etc. So if you are to spare your cash on Nikon D5600, then obviously go for it.

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nikon-d5500Nikon D5500


Verdict-Almost everything from Sensor to resolution to AF system everything, Nikon D5600 is hiring the specifications from its predecessor, Nikon D5500. So, the users who already have Nikon D5500 should wait until the practical reviews of this new camera come out. In other words, If you are working with Nikon D5500 then keep working on since the features of Nikon D5600 is just the carbon copy to each other.

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Canon EOS 80DCanon 80D

Verdict-Obviously, Nikon D5600 is an entry-level DSLR camera with some of the marvelous specifications, but Canon 80D is incredible camera and users can easily spare on Canon 80D to get sharp results of shooting.

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