Nikon D5600 Announced — What Next?


Nikon D5600— the last camera announced by Nikon, the DX-format camera already was in our list of cameras that to be announced soon (see here). If we update the page then we see Nikon D5600 will be no longer seen since the camera was already announced, but still there are numbers of cameras circulating rapidly to be announced by Nikon next. As we have already discussed in our article that Kumamoto Earthquake of Japan in April had affected the schedule of cameras announcement very badly. The Major problem was the scarcity of camera sensor, because Sony, the leading sensor developer was unable to supply the maximum sensors to their debtors and Nikon is one from those. However, with passing time and constant work towards production of maximum sensors almost recovered the shortage of sensor issue as a result the  camera makers are able to introduce one after another camera that were left to displayed in recent time.

Well, Nikon D5600 was recently announced, which is an mid-entry level DX-format digital SLR but this new camera from Nikon doesn’t get the spotlight……reason is very clear because

Nikon has integrated nothing new feature into the core of the D5600 design, which is just the replica of its older sisters Nikon D5300 and Nikon D5500 in terms of primary specifications. Its AF system, sensitivity, sensor sizes even shutter speed and continuous speed are too copy of its sisters.

This question must fit in Nikon D5600; why we go to get you by sparing around thousand dollars, when we already have Nikon D5300, just for your Snapbridge function? Perhaps, looking at the new announcement photographers could go for it, but the one who already has either Nikon D5300 or Nikon D5500 will be happy to see that they need not to move.

One thing before we move further, we are not seeing Nikon D5600 camera in such a way intentionally— these are just our view and thought.

Alright, once we put a list of cameras of Nikon that are in the pipeline or in the production house of Nikon infront of you and expected those cameras to be announced soon. The time when we published that article, Photokina show was in the line. But now, the episodes of the year, 2016 are very close to end no big photo events are on the way, so 2017 must be the fresh year where two big sensational photo events like CES and CP+ show are waiting in the very beginning months of the year.

Let’s see the next cameras from Nikon for 2017.

Nikon Full-Frame Entry level DSLR


Guess, what is the next Nikon Full-Frame entry level DSLR camera? Obviously, Nikon D620, the successor for current Nikon D610 (released in 2013) will be the next Full-frame entry level DSLR camera. Until now no reliable rumors or information are surfacing around it related to its arrival and specification. However, according to our expectations, Nikon D620 could employ 24.3MP sensor, same as Nikon D610, Nikon D620 must integrate Multi CAM 3500 AF sensor—51 points etc. Click here to see our expectation with Nikon D620.

Update of Nikon D750

Nikon-D750The update of Nikon D750 means the arrival of Nikon D760. Of course, Photographers do have a lot of expectations with the Nikon D760 because it’s one primary camera of Nikon that everyone is eagerly waiting for. The current Nikon D750 has still been the demanding camera by the photographers because the camera has given the chance to the photographers to create memorable impression infront of their clients under an affordable price tag. Well, what we could expect about Nikon D760 is that the camera may have 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor (Same as D750) but according to rumors, it will not use the image processor of D750 (Expeed 4), it may use Dual Expeed 4 or Single Expeed 5.  Expandable ISO may go upto 102400 and continuous shooting speed may be upto 10fps. Upto now, Nikon is in relaxed manner and showing no hurry in their announcement of Nikon D760.

Nikon D810 successor

Nikon D810

Nikon D810 is best pro quality DSLR and favorite to those who already have it. The overall performance is very refined and sets a new range for resolution, dynamic range, and functionality. Nikon D810 was long announced camera and update is waiting for perfect time. By the way, Rumors say that the camera is going to employ powerful 42 mp resolution sensor from Sony A7R II and users may also get the chance to record 4K video with this upcoming Nikon D820. The camera also rumored to have 173AF points, means the users would get a complete new camera from Nikon. By the way, Nikon is making us wait for a longer while and the photographers from different corners of the world want to ask until when they will wait. We hope 2016 is the perfect time and Nikon may show some speedy works in their announcement.

Stay with us and we will bring more updates soon.

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