Nikon D5500 vs Sony A7000

Nikon-D5500-vs-A7000-CCRNikon D5500 vs Sony A7000, the A7000 is a upcoming camera , but based on rumored specification of A7000 we have done a spec comparison review.
Nikon-D5500-vS-A7000Megapixel– If we give a view to the megapixel size both the camera Nikon D5500 Sony A7000 seems to have the same size though sony a7000 is a ahead of only a bit point but having the same sensor size APS-C(23.5 x 15.6mm) so result in picture quality will almost same.

Low pass filter-Sony A7000 combined with low pass filter that helps you to eliminate the problem of moiré by blurring what actually reaches the sensor . Nikon D5500 doesn’t have the low pass filter but isn’t exhibit moiré and gives very vast amount of detail when viewed at 100%.

AF points- One of the significant tools of camera. Sony A7000 contains 246 phase detection uses 125 contrast detection points assess where to focus. The contrast detection is generally more fail proof  since it not reliant on pre-calibration.with 39 distinct autofocus Nikon D5500 can expose more area in focus in different varieties of lighting condition.

ISO- Nikon d5500 has ISO range limits to 25600 where Sony a7000 consists 51200 that doubles than nikon D5500 supports you to take shots even in low light. It also enables you to freeze the subjects that moving under low light.

viewfinder- The 100% evf of Sony A7000 will show 100% coverage of the final images. The optical viewfinder of Nikon D5500 allows a photographer to compose a shot while seeing exactly what the lens sees by looking through the lens.

Continuous Shooting Speed – Sony A7000 consists the rate 11fps Higher frame rates than Nikon D5500 capture much more of the action per second, so there is much less opportunity for action to blur in any single frame. The outcomes will be more sharper images and creates the effect of higher perceived resolution on screen.

Built in wi-fi- Both the two cameras have the wi-fi connectivity, NFC an additional added to Sony A7000 which will be the evidence of sharing images without physical efforts and available to see by the planet in an instant.

Verdict: Naturally the upcoming A7000 will going to feature better core specification compared to the recently announced Nikon D5500 camera.


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