Nikon D500 showing problem with 3rd party batteries

Nikon-D500Nikon D500 announced on 5th January, 2016 and as we know Nikon took more than 5 years for its announcement to replace its predecessor Nikon D300S, which was announced in July 2009. Since there is no doubt it have magnificent specifications compare to Nikon D300S and other current APSC flagship DSLR. But when the camera Nikon D500 finally came in practically use, it faced the issues related to the 3rd party batteries and lenses used with the Nikon D500 camera as mentioned by the users:-

“My Nikon D500 will not recognize 3rd party batteries (e.g. Hahnel) which my D810 accepts quite happily.”

“It seems the new D500 cannot use 3rd party batteries. Tested my new D500 with 3rd party/oem battery and the camera flashes the battery bar a few times then shuts off. Battery was full and verified working with other cameras. This behavior was tested on two different D500 cameras. Original batteries worked fine.”

Hence after receiving the post from the users on behalf of the battery issue of Nikon D500, we may see the official reply from Nikon soon. However it looks Nikon intentionally added a glitch to discriminate the use of third party batteries.


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