Nikon D500 Firmware Version 1.01 available, also offered battery exchange

Nikon-D500Nikon D500 announced in January, 2016 and it already passed the DPreview test with magnificent result and DPreview adjudged it as the best DSLR of present time.

DPreview said about this Nikon D500:-

The D500 is among the best DSLRs we’ve ever tested. Its strengths are its superlative autofocus combined with the ability to keep shooting at 10 frames per second. There are other APS-C cameras that offer similarly excellent image quality but none that offer the speed, ergonomics and dependability of the D500.

But when the users use the third party battery in it, it faced the problem as we had published earlier on 7th May,2016.

To make the camera hassle-free, Nikon USA released the latest firmware update of Nikon D500. So the users can Download Nikon D500 Firmware C 1.01 and also those users who are facing problem with old EN-EL15 Battery Li-ion01 can replace the battery with new EN-EL15 battery. However Nikon still silence on the problem of third party batteries being faced by Nikon D500 users . As far as we know third party battery perfectly Nikon D800 and 810 cameras , is not accepted by the recently announced camera that is Nikon D500.

D500 Firmware C 1.01 detail:

Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in the options for SETUP MENU > Language not displaying correctly.

Download Nikon D500 Firmware C 1.01

About D500 battery exchange detail:

We are receiving inquiries indicating that when a fully charged Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL15 is used with the Nikon D500 digital SLR camera, the maximum number of shots possible is low (battery life is short). We are also receiving inquiries indicating that the amount of charge remaining displayed by the D500’s Battery info option is significantly less than that displayed by the battery info function of another model of camera.

EN-EL15 batteries supplied with the D500 have been tested in accordance with CIPA standards, and do support the maximum number of shots possible (battery life) indicated in brochures and other documentation. However, when some EN-EL15 batteries purchased separately, or supplied with another model of camera, are used with the D500, those batteries may not be capable of the maximum number of shots possible (battery life) indicated in D500 documentation.

In the summer of 2013, we modified the electric discharge characteristics of our EN-EL15 rechargeable battery without changing its capacity.

When pre-modification EN-EL15 batteries are used with the D500, the maximum number of shots possible (battery life) is reduced. This does not occur with cameras other than the D500.

All D500 cameras are supplied with the modified battery and both modified and pre-modification EN-EL15 batteries can be safely used with the camera. However if you have purchased a D500 and also own pre-modification EN-EL15 batteries – perhaps supplied with another model camera or purchased separately –  you may request replacement of those batteries with modified batteries. Nikon will replace the batteries free of charge.

* The maximum number of shots possible (battery life) with, and the remaining charge displayed for, a particular battery may differ slightly by camera model due to the fact that the amount of power consumed and the systems used to display remaining charge differ with each model of digital camera.

Identifying eligible batteries

EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion batteries with “Li-ion01″ printed on the back of the battery are eligible for replacement.

EN-EL15 batteries with “Li-ion20″ printed on the back of the battery are the same post-modification batteries as those supplied with the D500, and do not require replacement.

Requesting battery exchange

If you have purchased a D500 and own EN-EL15 batteries that are eligible for replacement, please consult your nearest Nikon Service Centre. We will replace your battery or batteries with the same post-modification batteries as those supplied with the D500.

Steps to replace your battery:

  1. Check that your battery is type “Li-ion01” as described above.
  2. Ensure your battery does not exceed 30% charge capacity.
  3. Include the following information with your battery.

These details are required for a replacement battery to be provided.

  1. Your name, postal address and phone number.
  2. Your D500 proof of purchase (sales receipt).
  3. Pack your battery. The battery contacts should be covered to prevent short circuit.
  4. Post your package to the nearest main Nikon Service Centre.

You should expect a replacement battery in the post within 2 weeks of receipt.

There are transportation guidelines concerning batteries. Services differ between transportation companies so we recommend you check with your courier company before returning your battery.

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