Nikon D3500- Our Expectations

If you check out the list to find the name of some best Entry-Level DSLRs then Nikon D3400 must be in that list. Yes! Nikon D3400 is outstanding entry-level cameras at an attainable price tag. Most of us know or see, Nikon usually update their cameras in every two year and Nikon D3400 was announced back in 2016, August. So we believe its successor “Nikon D3500” would possibly be announced next year. So far, we are taking beforehand what could be the specs Nikon D3500 coming with. Nikon D3400 implements very neat and clean specs that are exactly required for the entry-level photographers. Now we do expect Nikon D3500 won’t have very big differences in the specifications (why?). Logically, we don’t see big differences in Nikon D5300, Nikon D5500 or even in Nikon D5600 …They are copying each other’s specifications.

Well, let us know what you want in Nikon D3500? But here is our complete set of expected specification.


Nikon D3500 could implement new 24 MP Sensor – Hybrid from Sony – Yes we do expect Nikon will use Hybrid sensors in its upcoming DSLRs. You could see Nikon D3400 has been available with 24 MP resolution that can take tack sharp images, encouraging the users to go for everyday shooting. Canon D3500, we do highly expect to be a great entry-level cameras, when it released that can beat its contenders in every shape.

ISO – 51200

Nikon D3500 may go one step more with its ISO range means it can expand its ISO range to 51200. On the other hand, Nikon D3400 has maximum ISO range of 25600. During the learning period you don’t require much ISO range. You can easily manage to take outstanding photos at 800 (ISO range).

Video – Full HD 60p

Without any doubt, Nikon D3500 would feature 1080p (Full HD) but unlike Nikon D3400 it could record videos @60fps. On the other hand, Nikon D3400 can record full HD videos @ 30fps.

AF System – 39point AF Module from Nikon D5600

Nikon D3500 will hire 39 Point AF system Module from Nikon D5600? We should not be doubt since the trend of hiring one’s spec from other is going on vastly in the recent time. Nikon must want some improvement in the in camera so could do this. If they incorporate the same AF module in D3500 then focusing performance will be vastly improved.

Enhanced connectivity

We expect we could see an enhanced set of connectivity in the upcoming Nikon D3500 . It looks like it can hire some of them from Nikon D5500. Nikon D3500 could Built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone compatibility. Other than, snapbridge function could also be implemented for quick transfer of files.

These are the only specs we have expected so far if you have any of your then share with us in the comment section below:

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