Nikon D3400 Rain Cover

Nikon-D3400Nikon D3400 is an outstanding Entry-level DSLR camera in the Nikon’s family with the only downside that the camera is not weather sealed body, so users may face heavy problem while shooting in the raining conditions with Nikon D3400. But you can protect your precious Nikon D3400 by using some of our best recommended rain covers and the rain will not be the barriers of your shooting path.

Cheat sheet for best rain sleeve for Nikon D3400


Product Name

Best rain sleeve for Nikon D3400 LensCoat LensHide Photo Blind
Editors pick LensCoat RainCoat RS
Most affordable rain sleeve

Ruggard RC-P18″ Rain Cover for DSLR with Lens up to 18″

Best rain sleeve for Nikon D3400

LensCoat LensHide Photo Blind (Realtree Max-4)-

rain-cover-3This rain cover gives you premium because along with the lens and the Nikon D3400 body you can cover yourself also with this long lenscoat lenshide rain sleeve. Made from lightweight, breathable camouflage material and the best part of the rain sleeve is that it integrates a large camo mesh-screen that allows you to see your subjects while you are out of sight with quick and easy adjustment. Nikon D3400 is an Entry-Level DSLR camera and most of the photographers wouldn’t like to spare their cash on expensive LensCoat LensHide Photo Blind, but we can assure you that this rain cover is a solid selection for your Nikon D3400. However, if you want to get a rain cover in a bit lower price than the Lenscoat Lens hide then here is the solution…

Editors pick

LensCoat RainCoat RS (Rain Sleeve)-


Elements like rain, snow, salt spray, dirt, sand and dust badly affects the camera body and the Nikon D3400 is not environmentally sealed camera, so we should be careful about all these elements harmful to camera. LensCoat RainCoat RS (Rain Sleeve) not only protects the camera from all these harmful elements but also allows you easy access to the camera and lens controls.

 Most affordable rain sleeve for Nikon D3400

Ruggard RC-P18″ Rain Cover for DSLR with Lens up to 18″

ruggardYou can cover your Nikon D3400 very safely with RC-P18 Rain Cover for DSLR with Lens up to 18″ long and 7” wide from Ruggard without paying much more dollars. The rain cover also has extra space for Lens hood and the most important part is the rain cover is designed in such a way that the users of Nikon D3400 can easily see through the cover and also comfortably access the controls of DSLR and viewfinder. Moreover, there is also an opening or small hole if you wish to mount your eyepiece on the outside of the plastic

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