Nikon D3400 Comparisons, Best lenses and More…

Nikon-D3400One of the best possible choices for entry-level shooters in the present time will be Nikon D3400. The 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor camera with no low pass optical filter, ensuring you images with perfect clarity and sharpness. Even the photographers can take best shots at lowlight and Nikon’s own copyright SnapBridge  that automatically transfer the pictures you take to your compatible smartphone or tablet, ready to share.

Recommended lenses and accessories for Nikon D3400

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Nikon D3400 Specification Comparisons

         Canon EOS 700D              Canon700D

Verdicts– we will highly recommend the entry-level shooters to buy Nikon D3400, since we have explained the reason very clearly. In other words, Nikon D3400 offers you some truly amazing specs that is absolutely great when you are beginning your shooting experience with any DSLR camera.

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Nikon D5300Nikon D5300

Verdict-The price of Nikon D5300 is marginally higher compared to Nikon D3400, but offers solid 39 AF points for blazing fast focusing of the subjects. However, Nikon D3400 offers you better battery that enables you to shoot continue 1200 shots at a single time charge. We would like to recommend the entry-level shooters to with Nikon D5300 camera for its blazing fast AF performance. After all, the differences in the major specs of these two cameras are almost similar and we can expect that both of these two will be able to produce almost similar photography results in terms of image quality and other aspects.

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Canon 70D

Verdict– If you are about to start your DSLR photography, then Nikon D3400 is just wonderful camera and offers everything that a beginner needs. On the other side, Canon 70D is mid range SLR that is ideal for stunning movie recording.

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 Sony-A6000Sony A6000

 Verdict-Nikon D3400 is an entry-level DSLR camera, but Sony A6000 gives you more than what you pay for. Also, Sony A6000 gently outperformed Nikon D3400. And the big factor is that the price of Sony A6000 is comparatively lower than that of Nikon D3400.

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Nikon D5500Nikon D5500

 Verdict- No doubt, Both Nikon D3400 as well as Nikon D5500 are truly beginner friendly cameras, but Nikon D5500 is having a little more advance than D3400 and to buy Nikon D5500, you have to pay a fwe more bucks than D3400. Now decision is yours.
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 Canon 1300DCanon 1300D


 Verdict-Nikon D3400 is the solution for the photographer whose desire is to learn more about photography. In short words, Nikon D3400 is a complete package for the entry-level photographers.

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