Nikon D3300 vs. Pentax K-3

Nikon D3300 features excellent core specification and on the other hand Pentax K-3 stands one step above the D3300, the Pentax K-3 is the world first camera to come with a user selectable low-pass filter , other benefit include Weather-Sealed Magnesium Alloy Body.

Nikon D3300 vs. Pentax K-3  1Major Difference

Nikon D3300 vs. Pentax K-3 Specification Comparison Table.

Nikon D3300 vs. Pentax K-3  3

Bigger Sensor Size:  Pentax K-3 have bit bigger sensor size compared to Nikon D3300, the bigger sensor area gives you more dynamic range in your images, more color depth and better low light performance aka less amount of noise visible during HIGH ISO mode.

Low pass filter: Pentax K-3 have optional / user selectable built-in low pass filter and Nikon D3300 does have no option, hence Pentax K-3 better compared to Nikon D3300.

More AF Points: Pentax K-3 have More AF points Compared to Nikon D3300, hence you get more area under AF points with Pentax K-3.

Better low light performance – The Pentax K-3 have more ISO range compared to Nikon D3300, The more the ISO range you have the less noise you will see in your images.

Better Shutter Range: Pentax K-3 features better shutter range compared to Nikon D3300.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Pentax K-3 features fast shooting speed compared to Nikon D3300.

Nikon D3300 vs. Pentax K-3  2

Display: Pentax K-3 features bigger and high resolution display compared to Nikon D3300. Pentax K-3 features fixed (3.2”) display on the other hand Nikon D3300 have fixed (3.0”) display, so we get more flexibility while composing our shot with Pentax K-3.

Weight: Nikon D3300 lighter than Pentax K-3.

Dimensions: Nikon D3300 is smaller than Pentax K-3.

Image comparison Between Nikon D3300 vs. Pentax K-3 

Nikon D3300 vs. Pentax K-3 5

Verdict: We recommend you to buy Pentax K-3 based on specification comparison review and High ISO Test.

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