Nikon 18-140mm vs Sigma 17-70mm


Nikon 18-140mm vs Sigma 17-70mm

It is always a great experience to compare two lenses according to their robust specifications. Here we have two lenses of different manufacturers the first one is Nikon 18-140mm and the other is 17-70mm. Let’s see the specifications comparison in details…


Nikon 18-140mm

 Sigma 17-70mm

Focal Length 18 – 140mm 17 – 70mm
Aperture Maximum: f/3.5 – 5.6 Maximum: f/2.8 – 4
Format Compatibility Nikon DX DSLR (APS-C Sensor)
Minimum Focus Distance 1.48′ (45 cm) 8.66″ (22 cm)
Elements/Groups 17/12 16/14
Diaphragm Blades 7, Rounded 7
Image stabilization Yes yes
Autofocus Yes Yes
Dimensions (DxL) Approx. 3.07 x 3.82″ (78 x 97 mm) Approx. 3.11 x 3.23″ (79 x 82 mm)
Weight 490 g 16.40 oz (465 g)

Sharpness- It will be really tough to claim one’s sharpness the best since both are highly capable to produce crystal clear images with stunning details when mounted on their compatible cameras. If we get to see any minor difference in the image quality then the Sigma 17-70mm  lens is getting the upper hand that can produce slight sharper images compared to Nikon 18-140mm (due to large aperture). Nikon 18-140mm lens is frequently a good wide-angle performer. But Sigma 17-70mm is marvelous.

AF system– The 18-140mm will work on all Nikon camera bodies that support SWM (silent wave motor) lenses. However, both the two lenses Sigma 17-70mm as well as 18-140mm lens gives you fast and quiet AF results, plus the sigma lens also employs Sigma’s HSM technology, allowing fast and quiet AF operation results. Honestly, the AF performance of 17-70mm Sigma lens outshines its competitor Nikon 18-140mm.

Macro– Both the two lenses are not designed for close-ups. But, in this comparison Nikon 18-140 is somewhere making its way by offering minimum close-focusing range is 45cm (almost one and a half feet) from the image sensor. On the other side, Sigma 17-70mm offers a minimum focusing distance of 22cm (just under 9 inches).

Chromatic aberration– Chromatic aberration is not a big issue in the cases of both lenses. But, somewhere Sigma 17-70mm is silently overtaking Nikon 18-140 by producing images with very lesser amount of aberration. However, aberration are lightly visible at 17mm and in the final 70mm, but in the middle Sigma considerably handles the aberration upto much extent.

Moreover, Sigma 17-70mm lens also managed well to produce distortion-free images (comparatively lesser distortion than Nikon 18-140mm).

Verdict-In the price, Sigma 17-70mm is the outstanding lens gives you plenty of exceptional photographic results. So, getting sigma lens might be your worth decision. But if you want more focal length by sacrificing a bit image quality then you should go for Nikon 18-140mm.

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