Nico360 the world’s smallest 360 degree camera

Nico360The Nico360 maybe smaller, but it is technically excellent camera full of innovative technologies and according to its maker, it will be the world’s smallest waterproof 360 -degree camera. Currently looking to fund production this Hong Kong-based startup is going to offer this brilliant camera that weighs only 90 grams and height is as tiny as 46mm, which is really commendable.

According to the Nicocam, this outstanding Nico360 will implement two 16MP Sony sensors and can able to produce 25MP still images and 2560 x 1440/30fps video (the device is with 32GB of internal storage), even live-streamed to an Android or iOS device over Wi-Fi.

Not only these, this 360camera is also a nice solution for outdoor shooting, because it’s waterproof. Other than all these features, Nico360 offers four video recording options Flat Mode, Sphere Mode, Planet Mode, and VR Mode and also offer live preview using either via Bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi 5Ghz/ac. An anti-slip grip pattern of camera is fairly a great that saves the camera from accidentally fallen by users hand. The camera also has strong 1400 mAh battery that allows the users to shoot continue for two hours and electronic image stabilization to reduce the appearance of camera shake.

“Early bird deal” is going on and you catch the camera in $99 only, however, its regular price will be $199 and will be available from October, 2016.


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