New Noise Pollution Filter changes the way of astrophotography


Until now, we used the Linear & Circular Polarizer filter Neutral Density (ND), Graduated Neutral Density (GND), UV / Haze for different purposes. Now, get ready to welcome the new member to this family that is different from all these but much valuable Light Pollution Filters. Yes, Cyclops Optics — a Hong Kong based company has recently developed an amazing STC Astro-Multispectra Clip Filter for Nikon Full-Frame bodies, which remarkably helps the Astrophotographers to filter the light pollution that one huge issue during astrophotography.


                       Without STC Astro-Multispectra                                      With STC Astro-Multispectra

Light pollution filter is fixed very near to the sensor smartly reduces color shift that may occur at the peripheral areas of the image. Built by using A2 stainless steel, plus the clip-shaped design of the filter, ensuring focusing performance clearly. It is coated by the use of the IBAD (Ion beam-assisted deposition) technology on Schott B270 optical glass, increasing the durability and also allowing for effortless cleaning. Plus, the IBAD technology also significantly reduce the interference from artificial lighting, enhancing the contrast of astronomical objects.

Compatible devices for filters:

  • D4 / D4s
  • D800 / D800E
  • D810 / D810A
  • D750
  • D600
  • D610

Click here for more about this filters

Via- Nikonrumors

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