Moon Smart Focus – autofocus the way it should be


Moon Smart Focus is a new and revolutionary autofocus for professional filmmakers. Based on patents originally developed by SAAB, Moon Smart Focus is now attracting attention worldwide.

Moon Smart Focus will be what everyone thought an autofocus would be – a smart autofocus that follows several objects simultaneously and keeps them in focus, regardless of their speed or surroundings.

The device is as simple on the outside as it is complex and advanced inside. With an intuitive, easy-to-use and reliable hand-held device, the focus is set to follow up to five objects. The result is a smart autofocus that works in even the most unruly of situations.

“I’m confident the prototype we currently are developing will once and for all prove that a true autofocus is possible,” says Miko Lazic, CEO of Moonlight Industries. “There are similar systems out there, but none as yet have been simple or affordable enough to use. Moon Smart Focus will change that.”

Today, more than 20 percent of all shoots are discarded due to poor focus. Moon Smart Focus will improve the efficiency of all productions, and finally lets the focus puller concentrate on what no machine ever can achieve: cinematography.

Each year, an estimated 200,000 movies are made globally, and the industry has a turnover of billions of dollars. A product like Moon Smart Focus will save time and money for every film production

Moon Smart Focus is being developed by Swedish director Miko Lazic and SAAB-owned tech company Combitech, a Nordic leader in so-called Machine Vision technology.

Article in Swedish tech magazine Ny Teknik:

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