Microsoft searched a Breakthrough Curved Image Sensor surpasses Modern High-End DSLRs

Did the Slim Down software Giant Microsoft get a massive breakthrough in the Image sensor technology that openly challenges the Canon’s  Royal DSLR “Canon 1DS Mark III”? Yes, Microsoft recently developed a curved image sensor, which is claimed to ameliorate the optical performance very sharply. They developed a sensor with three times more curvature than previously achieved.

On the other hand, where the Royal manufacturers in imaging solutions: Canon, Sony, Nikon are seriously on innovative sensor development, while the Microsoft came into the spotlight with their purely amazing and creative curved sensor technology that they will surely put it for sound commercialization.

According to the report, Microsoft created one Prototype camera using this innovative curved sensor and said “the camera produced higher resolution images across the entire field of view which are fairly better than the modern high-end DSLR cameras — including the Canon 1DS Mark III.”

Furthermore, this curved sensor corrects the aberration in efficient way that ultimately helps to create extraordinary wide- angle lenses produce sharp images across the entire field of view or to create fast lenses that produce better images in low light.

The Optical Society reports:

Tests showed that curving the sensors did not change any of their electrical or imaging characteristics. When used in a prototype camera with a specially designed f/1.2 lens, a curved sensor exhibited a resolution more than double that of a high-end SLR camera with a similar lens. Toward the edges of the image, the curved sensor was about five times sharper than the SLR camera.

Eventually, this project isn’t ready for commercialization, instead they are interested in working with third parties to conduct the rigorous robustness testing that is required before mass production is possible.

However, we do hope Microsoft will bring it to the market very soon. Till then stay with us to know more information on this report.

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