Microsoft 1050 a DSLR killer – coming on January 2016

Nokia Lumia 1050As we know Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones with a 20MP sensor and triple LED natural flash based on Microsoft’s PureView technology released in December, 2015.

And if we remember Lumia 1020 which was released on July, 2013 with rear camera of massive 41MP.

Hence these information definitely shows the caliber of Microsoft and also its attraction towards the camera section of  smartphones.

Now the Microsoft has decided to launch Microsoft Lumia 1050 in January or February 2016 and it will be definitely a flagship device with massive camera.

Such attraction towards the camera in smartphones by Microsoft will definitely sufficient to kill the craze of compact camera and DSLRs among the users.

Also there is no doubt that the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 1050 will be a tough competitor as well as it will  be the killer of most DSLR cameras because it has already showed that it has no limit and can gain what it decided in case of megapixles .

As we know Nokia and Microsoft already used 41MP sensor inside Nokia 1020 smartphones so to achieve such sensor of 50MP is definitely a child’s game for Microsoft if we see its previous record.

So, it is not good news for DSLR and mirrorless manufactures because they wouldn’t even thought in their dream that it has to face a tiny rival like a smartphone.

Hence the entry of Windows 10 OS is definitely opened a better path for photography-oriented smartphones in coming days and also it is beneficial for those users who wants to capture high quality of images with their smartphones.


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