Lytro finally stopped consumer photography business, moves to VR

lytroRecently the Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal confirmed that the company has finally decided to shut down the consumer imaging business and he also added that now the company will focus on VR and video technology.

Such step will definitely affect the VR companies and Hollywood studios where lots of demand raised for the cameras based on light field technology in cinematic and next-gen content.

Since the Lytro Light Field cameras offered a lots of technical features to the users such interactive 3D pictures, radical lens specs, and the ability to focus a picture and also we will definitely miss the unique features of the light field technology such as fast autofocus, in decoupling depth-of-field and light gathering ability, bringing depth-based image editing to the table, and in radical lens design which was a dream before its arrival.

Such shocking information definitely compelled us to recall its  introduction of one of its best technology used in a new “Focus Spread” feature in December ,2014 that help the users to adjust the depth of field of the image after capturing the image, the new update provides a beginning and end points of of depth of focus selected by the photographer, the major advantage of the new feature is instead of taking multiple shots at different depths you can kept the extended focus while keeping the background is blurred.

Now we have to wait and watch how Lytro works on vibration reduction (VR) of the cameras with better output in coming days.


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