Low light performance is impressive: A7S II tested by DxOMark


Sony A7S II has been in the market from October 2015, since it was introduced back in September 2015. A7s II is getting many appreciations from the photographers for its impressive performance.

Recently DxOMark tested the A7S ii and here are the conclusions.

A7S ii’s performance in lowlight is just awesome but not good in compared to its predecessor A7S, high ISO dynamic range is just satisfied. Take a look at the result below:

result result II RESULT iii

Conclusions from DxOMark:

Like its predecessor, the sensor in A7S II has impressive low-light performance — in fact, very impressive high ISO dynamic range, particularly between ISO3200 and 12800. But it comes at the expense of pixel count and the dynamics are not much of an improvement over the A7S, which (along with the $2999 price tag) we suspect will continue to limit the appeal to still photographers. As a camera intended primarily for videographers, however, that may not be much of an issue. Anyone that has invested in the A7 or A7R variants looking for a complementary video-centric model need look no further than the A7S II.


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