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Nikon and Canon so far have brought some of their pending updates of a few well known cameras in the recent times. Now their eyes are on the announcement for some new and most rumored cameras in quick time that are still finding path to get official. Well, Nikon and Canon both have announced their most anticipated cameras but still a few cameras like Nikon D820 / D850, Nikon D620, Nikon D760 and the camera that almost got the green signal, Nikon D7300 (APS-C DSLR) are yet to be announced. On the other side, Canon have one of the most rumored and long awaited Canon 6D Mark II has to be official soon, but the unnecessary delay in the announcement of this camera is really not digestible. Not only 6D Mark II, the update to Canon 5DSR is also pending and the rumors related to this camera suggest that we may see its official announcement at some point of 2017. For a very long timeframe, Canon haven’t announced any megazoom camera so they should take this matter seriously else they might lag behind in the Megazoom Race.

When Nikon and Canon both have registered several cameras with various government agencies at the same time Sony and Olympus too have cameras to announce in quick time and their cameras have also been registered with various govt agencies. We have some codes for the upcoming models by Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus, which are yet to be announced…



  • Digital single-lens reflex camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • Equipped with latest wireless module ES202


  • Digital single-lens reflex camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • The wireless module is the same as KissX 9i and 9000 D with ES 200

PC 2329

  • made in Japan
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

PC 2335

PowerShot SX 730 HS

  • PC 2329 or PC 2335
  • Color: Black / Silver


N 1546

  • made in China
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

N 1610

  • Made in Thailand
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed


WW 361847

  • China MIIT (2017 DJ 0805 · registered February 15, 2017)
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed



  • Made in Vietnam
  • Wi-Fi installed
  • Battery: LI-92B
  • USB cable: CB-USB 12 (unreleased)

So far, camera like Sony A7R III has been in the rumored state for long time. Ultimately, we do hope some nimble works from Sony and fill their users with new excitement by announcing some of the best cameras as Sony is known for.

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